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Americas Gun Obsession

January 17, 2013


Not long ago America suffered yet another tragedy in the form of a shooting at a school. I’ve not checked, but it seems like this sort of event now happens every couple of years in this land of the free.

This latest tragedy, at Sandy Hook, seems to be the worst ever because of the ages of the children involved and the numbers killed. The other highly publicised school shootings, the relatively young and troubled perpetrator seems to be a common theme among this form of shooting.

Personally, I am glad to see that at last America seems to be taking a more serious look at its gun control measures. Of course the issues behind this kind of event are far more complex than a simple gun control law. However, I struggle to see how there is any justification at all for Americans (or any other nationality for that matter) to have automatic weapons in their homes. I can’t conceive of any situation where an automatic weapon in a domestic residence can be seen as a good thing. This kind of gun is a military assault weapon; it does not belong in a home and should never be there.

I really do hope that this time the powers that be in the American government have the guts to see something through that limits what weapons are available to the general public. A domestic equivalent of an automatic assault weapon is an obscene invention and the sooner it is withdrawn from market the better. Sadly, I have also seen the rhetoric offensive by the gun lobby and this is a fight they don’t wish to loose, clearly there is a lot of money to be made from selling military arms to a gullible American public.

I struggle with the need that so many Americans appear to have for guns. It’s not just automatic weapons, its rifles and pistols too. Some of these are very powerful and when you consider uses such as hunting and protection, a lot are overkill for the purposes required.

I get why weapons are wanted; shooting them is thrilling. Aiming at targets and getting better and competing with your buddies is highly entertaining. Hunting is thrilling too and there is a valid argument for protection.

However, when I read what the gun lobby are saying I do not see considered and intelligent dialog, I see protectionist defence and a desire to resist any change because it will be the start of a slippery slope to totals bans. It is clear that they intend to build as much fear from control as they can so that they can drive as many sales as they are able, both before any change in law and also to create public opposition to any change. After all it is in the best interests of their profit margins for there to be no change.

One of the more idiotic arguments is that to protect children from this sort of thing, there should be armed adults in schools. Basically, the claim is that to solve the problems associated with crime more guns are needed. Are the people making these arguments really THAT stupid? Sadly I think they are. Let’s examine the school shootings issue a bit further. To stop unstable people taking guns into school and shooting people it is proposed that guns are put into the hands of adults in schools. These guns will have to be permanently on hand because locking them away in a cupboard is useless and having then loose in a drawer is even more stupid. Having a gun fight in area crowded with kids sounds scary, but could be argued is safer that having someone shooting without obstruction. Until there is a double tragedy and the armed protector hits innocents in the shootout, or even worse, goes postal. Wouldn’t this person be the first person to die in these cases anyway, having been taken by surprise by the shooter? So really, too many problems with that idea to satisfy the argument that it is a better option than taking the guns away in the first place. The gun lobby should go the whole hog and suggest that all school children are given their own guns so they can protect themselves. That is about the level of intelligence shown by them in this argument.

Conspiracy Nonsense

Like many around the world I have seen some of the videos on the subject. The ones featuring Piers Morgan have been immensely humorous, but not in a good way. It is depressing that the flimsy justification and illogical ramblings by Alex Jones and his disciples are taken seriously by such a huge swath of the population.

Worse than the silly ramblings and shouty nonsense, there is now, predictably, a fully developed Sandy Hook conspiracy train with the classic mind control taking centre stage. Never mind that it is simply not possible to control people to that level. Of course the claimed purpose here is to create a public that is anti-guns and so make gun control easier to implement. If there was an underhand section of government that had this sort of power, they would just implement the gun control they wished to have, why go through the insane and stupid charade of creating this sort of event? Such clear thinking escapes the conspiracy nut, sadly. If there really was a conspiracy to take away guns, there are better ways to do it.

The trouble with thinking than Sandy Hook was a conspiracy is that it creates a trap where all other shootings need to be classed similarly; otherwise there is no logical reason for it to be a sole nefarious conspiracy on a list of sad tragedies. Over how many years have these tragedies been happening and still no progress on taking away the guns? In fact there are more guns than ever. Either the conspiracy is not working very well, or there is no conspiracy at all.

Britain’s Guns

Among the comments on the web about this latest school shooting has been comparison between gun laws in America and Britain. Defensive Americans point to Britain’s own tragic school shooting in Scotland in the 1990s. That was an horrific event and one I remember happening. The subtlety that the American commentators forget is that this shooting was almost 20 years ago and is a single school shooting event in Britain over a very long period of time, compared to how many in America in the same period? Britain has a society with far fewer guns, and guess what, we have far, far fewer mass shooting events.

America; it is time to stop pissing about and take away the guns. It won’t stop gun crime dead, but it will reduce it immensely and it will save more lives than increasing the number of guns ever could.


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  1. hybridrogue1 permalink

    “Ramblings”…yes indeed, a ramble in the bramble by someone who doesn’t know the difference between an “automatic weapon” and a simi-automatic. One is a “machine gun”, which are already illegal for civilians in Amerika.

    Consider the following word:

    Do you know what that means?

    Liberty is not the INVENTION of revolution.
    Liberty is the DISCOVERY of the enlightened mind.

    Do you comprehend what the above notation on liberty means?
    It means it has always been since the beginning of the race, that each individual has had the rights of liberty, which are in fact the means to our own existence. Without these inherent natural rights a person becomes a slave to others, and then eventually to systems as “civilization” “progresses”.

    These rights are not given by the authors who wrote of them on parchment, they are not granted by governments nor majorities, they are ubiquitous with human life.

    If you do not find these truths to be self evident, then someone has turned out the light of full consciousness for you.


    • Thank you for stopping by, however you have failed to provide any reasonable argument.

      You’ve chosen to start with a sideswiping insult which kind of missing the whole humour in the rambling title of this blog. Then you get picky over semantics.

      However, the best bit is your quoting and pointless from the constitution and some vaguely related questions.

      Let me ask you a few questions in return? How does removing guns (be they fully automatic or semi automatic) from the population infringe or limit freedoms? Have you been to a country where these guns are already banned? Are you less free there?

      How does owning these guns help the freedom of those who die in tragedies like this? How do conspiracy theory morons rambling utter nonsense as a result of these tragedies help the freedoms of the families?

      On a similar note; do you feel less free not being able to drive a track racing car on the road? Of course not. It would be exactly the same with these guns. They belong in the hands of soldiers only and not in the general public.

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