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A Sampling of London Hotels – Part 5

September 9, 2012

The final part of my review of London Hotels…

Lord Jim

There must be a competition that I don’t know about that offers prizes for the Hotels whose name makes the biggest impossible promise. This hotel certainly is in the running.

It all started when the Hotel took the money out of my account a full 10 days before my first night. Until this point, the worst I had to suffer was a couple of Hotels that requested full payment on check-in. This is bad enough and something I consider out of order, so having the full amount for 3 nights taken 10 days in advance was disappointing and guarantees I’ll not be considering this place again.

The room was acceptable; nothing special, but at least it was clean and tidy.

Breakfast was all too familiar; a basic continental with no cooked option, disappointing.

Grange Strathmore

Initially this hotel promised much; a very large and spacious room with a comfortable bed, decent sofa and coffee table.

However, on close inspection the room had pealing wallpaper and dust in corners that had obviously not been cleaned for a very long time.

The biggest shock came when cooked breakfast came in at a hefty £24! At least there was Tomato Juice on offer, and the breakfast was pretty decent, just not £24 decent. I’ve paid £10 for a lot better.

Barkston Gardens

Another hotel going under renovation; this time some very serious work was going on and each of the rooms was gradually undergoing a major redesign.

As a result of the works going on, the kitchen and restaurant were out of action, so there would be no chance to critique the breakfast.

The newly refurbished room however, was very good. The room had a wonderfully large walk in shower. The desk had a set of technology ports for plugging a laptop in and getting the display on the large TV in the seating area. Other touches included a light in the wardrobe which came on when the door was opened, and a speaker in the bathroom so that you could still hear the TV whole cleansing your dentures. Small touches and arguably not very important, but at the price bracket my expenses allowed, they stood out as being unique.

* This is the end of my extended stay in London and so until a new project gets me there again, there will be no more reviews on London hotels.

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