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A Sampling of London Hotels – Part 4

September 9, 2012

My review of London Hotels continues ….

Umi Hotel

This is another hotel with a fancy name that doesn’t quite live up to the implied expectations.

The biggest disappointment was seeing the sink in the room rather than the en-suite. Granted, the en-suit was only big enough to fit the toilet and shower. A spend on re-design would have solved that issue and it needs doing.

Heading to the dining room for an evening meal I found the chairs uncomfortable and the food average. I would choose to eat out in the evenings the next nights. Breakfast was better, the chairs were still uncomfortable but the food was better. Nearly £10 for an English breakfast is what I class as steep, but it is within the normal bounds to be expected from London hotels and not the most I have paid. What I did think was the ultimate piss-take was to charge me a further £2 to have a second cup of coffee with my breakfast.

Venture Hotel

Don’t bother. You really don’t want to hear about the mold and the filth.

Edward Hotel

This hotel was undergoing renovation at the time I stayed, so while the entrance looked clean and new and airy and welcoming, upstairs showed sign of many builder passes and there was a lot of dust sitting about. I understand that building work means that there will be much dust so this isn’t necessarily a negative. I assume that on completion the stairs and corridors will be updated to look as good as the entrance and the renovated rooms.

I stayed in a recently renovated room and it was very comfortable. New fittings everywhere were modern and of excellent quality. LED lighting showed a commitment to energy efficiency while still producing quality light. The only negative was that my room was not visited and clean and the bed made while I was out during the day.

Due to the renovations, the hotel kitchen was out of action.

Somerset Hotel

Overpriced and grotty is the best I can say about this. I have stayed in much better for a lot less.

The room was poorly equipped with not even a wardrobe, let alone a kettle with tea and coffee supplies. Coffee was available from a machine in the dining area; it’s a good job it was free because the coffee produced was utterly foul.

Breakfast was meagre and disappointing.

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