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Oh America do Grow a Sense of Perspective

February 1, 2012

This week we have a case of a British man making a comment on a social network using the words “destroy America” ( Looking at the context of the comment its clear that the chap concerned meant nothing more than to have as much fun as he could in the country that claims to be the Land of the Free. Only an imbecile of immense proportions could fail to see that.

Even as an IT professional, I must confess that I do find it impressive that the comment was not only picked out, but also the poster traced to a specific passport holder and picked up in the visiting queue. For the purposes of tackling anti-terrorism, I am quite happy for the technology thatAmericanow has so obviously developed to be used to scrape social networking sites for hints of potential threat. However, this particular case is a very clear overreach and the person concerned is now not only down one holiday, but very likely permanently marked on some American black list as a potential future threat. How pathetic!

What about the baggage jokers?

No doubt people will be recalling numerous stories of people who have made a joke at the check in desk of an airport and paid a similarly high price for it. I don’t see this as at all comparable.

The quip at the check in desk is on location at the airport and involves baggage that is just about to be boarded onto a plane. Its entirely appropriate that jokes of that nature are frowned upon and that someone saying something silly at that point be show the seriousness of the situation. Someone making a comment on a social networking site using a phrase that is a not only clearly not a threat, but also arguably a British colloquialism, is not in the same league. This is especially true given there was clear time to examine the context, unlike the check in desk quip, which requires an instant decision on action.

Idiots Showing Their Hand

What I find even dafter about the whole thing is that now the whole world knows for certain that American intelligence (!)  agencies are habitually trawling social networks looking for potential threats to act on. Many may have already suspected, but now its out in the open, anyone who would be planning anything has a better idea of what to avoid. Talking about showing your hand prematurely!

Ending with a Tongue in Cheek Put Down

Maybe as a punishment to our former colonial backwater we should send in a crack team of football fans to drive a bus into that great bastion of tourism; London Bridge, Lake Havasu City and destroy America by killing its entire tourism industry overnight.

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  1. Dear Mr. Limey,

    Why, I do declare! That was a mighty fine posting you just made, with absolutely zero, zippo, nada, nix, kein sarcasm on my side in giving you praises. I recognize that many of my other comments to your postings might fall into that camp, so I hope to clearly differentiate the seriousness of my complements now.

    Got your eyes open on that one!

    • limey permalink

      Well, I thank you for your honest and genuine comment and I can only apologize for taking so long to knowledge it.

      Though, I must admit, I am now in a quandary. Do I worry if your glowing approval must mean that I am actually wrong? or do I arrogantly assert that my rightness does not depend on your agreement? Such a dilemma!

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