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Farewell Sky

November 29, 2011

Having suffered from appalling customer service as part of my recent house move (, I’ve decided to cease being a Sky customer.

As part of the following up with Sky for cancelling my Broadband, Phone and TV package I was asked to fill out a survey form and speak to a customer representative. Both of which I was very happy to do. What I did find interesting was that it was the cancelling of the TV package that prompted the request and not the Broadband or Phone packages. I interpret that as Sky making a higher percentage profit from the TV package and that the Phone and Broadband does not make them enough money to warrant the follow up.

I was very happy to explain to the customer services agent that the handling of my issues by Sky staff was very poor and that for a customer to alert them to an issue (twice) was not acceptable. The service agent acknowledged that, well he had to really, but would not budge from the position that the compensation offered was all that would be considered. In fact he even went as far as to imply that the free mobile dongle and free satellite dish installation should also be considered as monetary value. This I would not accept as they were part of the house move package anyway and did not come under the banner of compensation.

Even more disappointing was that at no point did he even ask the question “What would it take to tempt you back as a customer?” I’d have thought that this would be an essential question to ask when talking to a recent ex customer and hoping to get their business back. Of course the answer would have likely been nothing, I have now made the decision to go FreeSat and not pay for my TV package at all. Extras that I want will be rented from LoveFilm, Sky will certainly, not be getting any of my money again.


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