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Final proof of the Moon Landings?

October 13, 2011
LRO sees Apollo 11 landing site

Image via Wikipedia

I recently had the pleasure of watching a video on on YouTube which compares the Apollo 11 descent footage with LRO hires footage, and with the magic of Goole Moon, recreates the same angles for side by side comparison. Watch the almost 10 minutes of awesomeness here:

What I like about this video is that it take two separate sources of moon images, separated by about 40 years, and demonstrates that they are of the same features.

Will it actually shut up any Moon Hoaxers?

Sadly, I don’t actually think it will stop the hard core hoaxers because they have too much invested in their hoax belief that accepting and admitting they could be wrong will simply be too hard for them. I guess the same is true of any dedicated conspiracy follower.

What I do hope the video will achieve is to make those who do question the 1969 Moon Landings think again and convince them and so reduce the audience of those who continue to make money from peddling their conspiracy nonsense.

What will the Moon Landing Deniers say?

Well, the only thing a Moon landing Denier can say is that the LRO images are faked in order to make them match the secret studio on which the fake Moon landing was filmed.

Of course, this creates a problem. NASA has the LRO imager currently photographing the moon in glorious high resolution. Somehow, these images will have to be doctored so that all areas that correspond with fake moon footage match the fakes. At some point real images and fake images will have to be stitched together seamlessly.

However, that’s not all. Japan had their own Lunar Orbiter taking images of the moon and nothing was flagged up in any of those results.

The simple fact is, if the original Moon Landings were faked, the information would have been made public by now. There should be no need for videos like the one I link to at the top of this post to be used as proof of the landings, they should exist simply as an exercise in nostalgia, which for me, is a glory in itself. Using them as a tool with which to mock the moon hoax idiot reduces the value of them.


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