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Please Eat Tobacco Additives

October 3, 2011

Those illogical people at PETA have coughed up yet another bit of nonsense of late. This time its in the form of a letter to New Scientist linking meat eating to smoking. See the letters page of the 24th September issue if you wish to subject yourself.

The insane insinuation in the letter is that meat eating has equivalent heath effects as smoking. It also implies that there are ethical and environmental reasons to stop both, which it utterly absurd.

The folks at PETA would do well to examine the evolutionary history of man and accept that the human race is a carnivore race. While I am perfectly happy for individuals to choose not to eat meat; its utter nonsense to arrogantly proclaim that all meat eaters should refrain.

While no sane person would argue that there are elements of the meat industry that operate in ways that are detrimental to the environment, its not the eating of meat that is the problem but the attitude and actions of companies and individuals along the chain that are the fault. This is the same with that intensive farming of crops; some methods are detrimental to the environment and the problem is companies and individuals in the chain and not the PETA fanatics consuming all their vegetables and other non animal products.

While environmental issues are important and should be considered by consumers, it’s the linking of the health of meat eaters with the health of smokers that really shows the group up. One can only hope that these emotional utterances are seen for the deranged absurdities that they are and makes them even more of a laughing stock.


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