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Thoughts on Pseudo Astronomy

August 3, 2011

I love Astronomy, I really do. I follow several blogs on the subject and have been following the progress of NASA’s Dawn spacecraft to Vesta and have been utterly fascinated by the images returned so far. Over the next year I am sure even more fascinating images and science will come from the mission.

I am also following with interest the progress of the Mars roverOpportunityon it way towards the giant crater Endeavour. Its nearly there and I am looking forward to the science that will be performed there and the interesting information (and images!) that will come from that.

I also love the simple act of stargazing (

What is being learnt about our solar system, our galaxy and space way beyond is truly impressive and inspiring. The 30+ year old voyager probes are a fine example that ( They gave us glimpse of what the planets in our solar system were like and since then follow up missions have revealed more and will no doubt server to inspire and fine tune even more probes and the science they will do.

This accumulation of knowledge and understanding helps us as a race on our planet to understand something of the universe and our place in it. We have learnt so much in the last 50 years and there is still so much more to learn in the next 50. I truly hope that we as a species will never stop striving to explore what is out there.

The Rise of Pseudo Astronomy

Yet, despite all that science, exploration and discovery we have people who wilfully ignore it and actively promote what can best be described as utter bunkum. The whole world ending in 2012 Niburu myth is a prime example of that.

Later this month the recently discovered comet Elenin should be visible to the naked eye and I am hoping to get a sight of it. Yet a search on the web for this comet reveals many web sites that ignore the NASA data on the object and make daft predictions of its affects on the earth, including huge earthquakes. Unsurprisingly its also being linked to the 2012 nonsense, but then pretty much every thing is these days and I for one can’t wait until 2013 so and the death of this particular strain of idiocy. Sadly, it’ll likely be replaced with another, but hey at least it’ll be something different.

When looking for good information on subjects like comets it can be very hard to find the quality information from all the nonsense that is spouted on various blogs, forums and other sites. There sheer number of them is overwhelming.

The bigger concern for me though are the big names in the industry, David Ike being a particularly good example of poor scientific understand and constant peddling of utter nonsense. I can only assume that he continues with it because it makes him money. After all, its far easier to just make stuff up and publish it to a willing audience than it is to actually spend years and money doing research before publishing credible findings.

Hmmm, maybe he’s onto something there….

The Internet has a lot to Answer For

 While I believe in a free internet and the ability that it gives for people to have their say. I find the plethora of bunkum that is around genuinely worrying because someone who doesn’t yet understand some elements of science could easily get sucked into the lies that are Pseudo Astronomy (and pseudo science in general), which is a tragedy.


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  1. Dear Mr. Limey,

    Your “semaphoric” skills stupefy. Kudos. My spellchecker is stupefied by “semaphoric,” because it is a word that I’ve coined from the word “semaphore” with all of its flag-waving, aircraft directing connotations in tact.

    This remarkable posting of yours does the obligatory wave-off. “Don’t land here on any of this Elenin comet nonsense. Fly on; fly over; fly off.”

    Once a reader knows you better, the true meaning is “fly around and then land.”

    Here is where you might be right and wrong at the same time. Elenin itself might not be causing earthquakes and violent weather patterns (today). But charges within some conspiracy theory circles on the internet run along the lines that the ruling elite and their duped, useful minion are (for lack of a better word at the time of writing) Satanists. And if they aren’t Satanists, well by golly, there is still a shock-and-awe opportunity to use Satanic or astrological significant calendar dates (e.g., the alignment of Elenin with a planet or sun with the Earth, closest point of Elenin with sun or Earth, the Earth crossing the tail of Elenin) as target dates for manufactured natural disasters with the help of HAARP and other things.

    I hate to be the one resorting to scripture, but I am learning that it is not always the book that religions skew it to being. Revelations tells of meteors from heaven, and seems to foretell the same. Doing some math regards to the history of language, the written word, and the bible, and we just might discover a pattern or a cycle, or even an orbit of a celestial body with a period of 3,600 years, that even the Miyan calendar overlays nicely with in terms of meaning and prediction.

    What killed the dinosaurs? What could cull the herd or the infection that man is on the planet Earth? Put his numbers in alignment with the Georgia Guidestone?

    Even if Elenin doesn’t have the debris in its tail that Earth will cross to rain down on the planet and cause massive disasters to dwarf events in the last few years in Japan, Hiati, Chile, China, Pakistan, etc., then it will still be an opportunity for the elite with their military industrial complex to exploit from their DUMB (deep underground military base) sites.

    So if Elenin doesn’t do it, the Satanic dates will inspire Satanic leaders to issue the orders for humans to do it to themselves.

    Thank you, Mr. Limey, for expressing such clear semaphoric gestures in your posting and confirming where honest seekers for truth should be looking.

    • limey permalink

      I ever so sorry, but you’ve got me scratching my head in puzzlement here because, in amongst your meanderings you appear to have omitted to make a comprehensible point.

      The science is clear, comets don’t cause earthquakes. The moon, which being considerably closer to earth and any other comet has been known to pass, has a much bigger gravitational affect on earth than comet Elenin ever will on its passing later this year. Yet, despite that bigger pull, the moon can’t even take significant blame for causing earthquakes. This article,, reports on a study of the correlation between earthquakes and the moon and the conclusion is that the moon has an affect on about 1% of earthquakes.

      The much, much weaker pull that a passing comet will have on the earth will reduce any effect to zero. To suggest otherwise is blatant denial of science.

      As to your bringing in of the Maya, HAARP, Satan(really!) and goodness knows what else into the conversation, well, that just loses you credibility.

      • Although it appears to your semaphoric eye that I omitted a comprehensible point, allow me to rectify that seeming oversight.

        If any roving celestial body were to rain down on us with earth shattering and civilization crippling meteors as described in many ancient texts including the bible and legends from various parts of the earth, then by golly, the Earth going through the tail of Elenin this fall might just qualify as a repeat event.

        But if Elenin (and what follows immediately and next year) is as benign as you say, my point is that we should still expect to see destruction. Why?

        “Never pass up the opportunity to take advantage of a good crisis and its ability to forward your agenda if you spin it properly.”

        Whether or not Elenin’s gravity can tug Earth into an earthquake (or other natural disaster) on important dates of celestial planetary alignment, the Satanic tendencies of the powers-that-be makes such dates useful for MIHOP (make it happen on purpose) made-to-order, self-inflicted, manufactured event(s) to be used as an excuse to “wipe out the infidel” and round survivors up into FEMA camps for easier New World Order control, etc.

        Keep on spinning your semaphore flag bearing arms like windmills, Mr. Limey. I like it.

        • limey permalink

          Goodness me, you really do struggle with basic concepts don’t you!

          Not only is the comet too small to have any affect on earth, but the debris that crosses earth’s orbit is also too small to make it to through earth’s atmosphere and to the surface.

          There are already a few annual meteor showers that are associated with debris from comets; see here for a selection:

          As for manufactured events timed to coincide; I’d laugh if it wasn’t so depressing that people actually belive that.

          • My goodness is right, Mr. Limey, because “the struggle with basic concepts” appears to be on your end. Can’t seem to get your mind around the idea that others are gaming the system and manipulating us, sometimes with self-inflected horrific shock-and-awe displays of power.

            I would love to be proven wrong about “manufactured events timed to coincide with celestial occurrences.” Time will tell.

            If on 2012-12-21 (or so) according to the Mayan calendar, we cannot look back on disasters from the preceding two years and not make any (or many) connections to significant astrological dates, then you will be proven correct, and I humbly proven wrong.

            Being proven wrong won’t depress me. Hell, I just might PayPal you the cost of a good beer and offer you good cheer, mate.

            Being right in this matter is a completely different story. Rest assured, I won’t be hounding you to collect my beer… assuming we both survive. You’re on an island. I’ll be wondering what other writing on the wall I’ve been missing that could prove useful to avoid death or extinction.

            You may now have the final word in this matter and demonstrate your solid belief that governments and the powers-behind-them are most benign and never do anything false-flaggy in manipulating the masses towards their own demise and curtailment of rights and freedoms.

          • limey permalink

            And this is how we tell the difference between astronomy and pseudo astronomy.

            Astronomy makes claims and predictions that are based on our current understanding of physics, when its right, theories are confirmed, when its wrong theories are examined and corrected and retested. Either way, our knowledge expands. This is how we know that comets that pass us at a distance several million miles have no affect on us.

            The gravitational affects of celestial bodies have been examined and studied for several decades. This is how we are able to send probes into space, to loop around the sun and gain a gravitational pull from a large planet and so get to their desired location faster. This is how we are able to predict the tides and when we get a high or low tide. This is how we are able to view a comet such as Elenin and work out that its orbital period is some 11,600 years. This is how we are able to estimate its core size at 3-4 kilometers across.

            In stark contrast, pseudo astronomy looks for coincidences and patterns in data and makes an inference from them, ignoring everything else, especially anything that contradicts the desired result. In this case its some recent earthquakes that coincide with an alignment between Earth, Elenin and some other body. Well stone me, given that Elenin is moving through our solar system, there is a very high probability that Elenin and Earth will line up with a 3rd object in the solar system at regular intervals.

            What the pseudo astronomers who make these claims very quickly forget is that there are bodies closer to Earth than Elenin right now, that are larger. If Elenin genuinely caused an earthquake due to its alignment with Earth and Mercury, then by sheer application of physics, we’d be able to work that out. We’d also be suffering bigger earthquakes due to the closer proximity of the much larger planet Venus, not to mention our own not insignificant moon. Then there are numerous objects in the asteroid belt, some of which are larger than the comet Elenin; Vesta and Ceres to name two, the latter being large enough to be considered a dwarf planet.

            Another thing that the pseudo astronomers forget is that earthquakes are so common that find such celestial coincidences is not at difficult. What the pseudo astronomer needs to do is basic research and see if there is actually a tally between all (not selected) earthquakes and specific alignments between bodies that are large enough to actually have an affect. Such as the one I reported on in a reply up there ^^^.

            To get the numbers of earthquakes per year, this is a good place to start: . What those numbers tell you is that on any given day of the year, you should expect there to be at least one magnitude 5 earthquake somewhere in the world. So pick a date any date, it can be a date between now December 21st next year, or it can be a date in the recent past on which something interesting happened in the sky. Whatever date you picked, there will be (or will have been) a magnitude 5 or greater earthquake on that day.

            This is why pseudo astronomers fail at basic application of science. They don’t take in the bigger picture and they don’t apply known scientific knowledge and principles. They take specific data and look for patterns to match their specific desired result, and then like the poster above, invoke all sorts of other nonsense in an effort to make it seem more plausible.

          • And this how we tell the difference between sincerity in a world view and pseudo opinions to bolster another agenda.

            Mr. Limey, astronomy is first and foremost the study of celestial bodies and their movement in the heavens. On this front, it is well to note that NASA was a bit slow on the up-take to have spotted Elenin or to have publicized it. It was left to a Russian amateur astronomer to let the cat out of the bag.

            Your comments about psuedo astronomy should therefore be directed elsewhere, like at NASA.

            NASA being a govt agency makes one curious about those two faux paus. The EPA was bent to the will of the Bush Administration; NIST was bent to their will as well; the 9/11 Commission carried their water. If NASA was given an order by a president’s administration not to publicize the discovery of a comet heading within our solar system to cut between the Earth and the Sun, one has to ask why?

            Here’s some additional evidence to pile onto this premise that world governments at the behest of the banking elite know but are suppressing things. Check out this Swiss currency.

            Elenin Data from NASA

            Sep 11, 2011 Elenin 0.482 AU from Sun (closest point)
            Sep 27, 2011 Elenin 0.396 AU from Earth, 0.607 AU from Sun; Elenin between Sun & Earth
            Oct 17 2011 Elenin 0.232 AU from Earth (closest point)
            Nov 5, 2011 Elenin 0.348 AU from Earth but Earth crosses Elenin tail
            Nov 11, 1011 Elenin 0.42 AU from Earth and Earth finishing crossing tail

            1 Earth radius is about 7,920 miles.
            1 AU is 93 million miles.
            0.15 AU is close to 14 million miles.
            14 million miles is almost 1,768 Earth radii.
            15 Earth radii is 118,800 miles. That’s about half way to the Moon.

            On Sep 27 Elenin will transit between the Sun and the Earth and its ion tail will be pointed straight at us. It will also be new Moon, meaning the Sun, Elenin, Moon, and Earth will be aligned (with Uranus behind Earth and Mercury and Venus out of the way on the other side of the Sun. If any of you believe in cosmic thunderbolts, this might be an interesting time. Strong electromagnetic disturbance is possible, as is damage to electronics and power grids.

            The light of the Sun might be scattered by the coma and the dust tail of the comet, making the Sun look diffused and the sky darker. It is possible in these conditions that the new Moon could be visible, as a black Moon.

            Then around closest approach Oct 17, Earth should begin to go through the dust tail, creating significant meteor showers (and remember, all the lights might have fried on Sep 27). The meteor shower would peak around Nov 3, when Earth crosses the path of Elenin.

          • Here are the links to the missing Swiss currency images.

          • limey permalink

            Oh deary me….

            Amateur astronomers are well known within the professional astronomy field to be useful at finding and spotting things in space before anyone in the professional field. There is nothing sinister or unusual about it. Its comes straight down to numbers, the number if keen amateurs greater than the number of professionals. Professionals tend to be interested in specific objects at specific times while amateurs have their scopes pointing all over the place.

            The number of professional sky searching facilities is actually quite small and its not at all impossible for an amateur to have their scope pointing in just the right place at the right time. comet Elenin is not the first object or event that an amateur has spotted and alerted the professional bodies about. There have also been asteroids and a Jupiter impact first spotted by an amateur too. Long may that be the case.

            To expect NASA (or any other professional body) to know everything that happens in our celestial backyard before anyone else, is naive to the extreme.

            Strong electromagnetic disturbance is possible, as is damage to electronics and power grids.

            These do not happen as a result of planetary alignments! CMEs from the Sun, yes, but not planetary alignments.

            I guess, its possible that the volume of dust from the fresh passing of the comet could create some form of electrostatic charge in the atmosphere when Earth passes through the tail debris. That’s a guess though as I don’t know enough about that to be able to comment with authority, you’d have to talk to an astronomer or a physicist if you want an accurate answer.

            Either way, I’ll sleep easy during that last week in September, unless its a clear night, in which case I’ll be outside hoping for a glimpse. Ditto again in November when the meteor shower will be at its best as earth passes through the tail.

          • limey permalink


            You’ve lost me with those bank note images and obscure references to the banking elite.

            I don’t know how old that bank note designs are, but my first thought is that the comet depicted is Halley, it is the most famous one after all. The scale is a little off, but then, on a bank note that is to be expected, there simply isn’t the space to put it to scale. Pluto is missing also so its a little hard to make a full reference. The Halley orbit extends to just beyond Pluto and is about that shape.

            Its worth noting that the Elenin orbit is over 11,000 years, while Pluto’s Halley’s is a mere 75 or thereabouts. Elenins orbit would therefore be far larger. I don’t see the relevance at all. Other than in every post of mine you comment on you seem to bring in 9/11 and the supposed government elite.

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