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Good Riddance to News of the World

July 8, 2011

This weekend see the final issue of the Sunday tabloid known as News of The World. Frankly I care very little for the paper and the shoddy ethics it has used to make stories. However, its hard to ignore that it’s the most popular Sunday paper inBritain. Which is a very damning indictment on a population that apparently would rather indulge in titillation, sensation and gossip over comment and intelligent reporting.

That said, it is also encouraging that the much belittled and looked down upon readership of a paper that had long been regarded as the stinking example of what is termed ‘gutter press’, has shown that it clearly has limits. With the latest revelations in the on going phone hacking scandal, a line had obviously been crossed and the people have said enough.

I, like most people, simply expected that as with most other scandals, that the News of the World would ride the storm, pay the fines and carry on, business as usual. Yet, with advertisers pulling out and the share price tumbling, something more drastic has happened. Rupert Murdoch has killed the it, the name long associated with the worst that the British press can offer is dead.

I shed no tears in its demise, as far as I am concerned it’s a long overdue action and I struggle to have any sympathy at all.

Its Business, not Ethics

There is also no celebration, because its not really a victory either. The rot that exists in that sector of the press still exists. All that’s happened is a gap has been created for a new paper to take over.

So its no surprise at all that we see in the news that the daily equivalent, The Sun, is now to have a Sunday issue. The Sun, also owned by News International is essentially the same rag under a different name, so nothing will change really. I fully expect that some of staff at the News of the World will find themselves still in employment by the same regime and will be coughing out the same sort of story.

While the closing of the News of the World, is undeniably associated with the public outcry over recent revelations, its not with any sense of moral conviction or ethical standards that have caused Rupert Murdoch to make this decision. It’s the fact that the share price tumble has cost him dear and this scandal is having a negative affect on the attempts of News International to buy British Sky Broadcasting. Its this purchase that is his ultimate goal and this scandal, combined with the falling share price, that are affecting this most dramatically.

Its this greedy motivation that has prompted the action to kill News of the World and therefore dissociate from that name forever. Its gives all the right impressions and hopefully will salvage the sale. So long as no one sees through the smoke screen.

So what ofRebekkahBrooksand Andrew Coulson? Its rumoured that today both will face arrest, and I very much hope that they do. The Prime Minister was very stupid to give Andrew Coulson an advisor position and this will no doubt come back to bite him very nastily. However, it’s the flame haired Rebekkah Brooks that is currently on the receiving end of the country’s anger. She is the person who was at the head of News of the World at the time of the major phone hacking events and her claims of lack of knowledge are not at all convincing. If she really did not know, then she did not have very good control over her staff.

My suspicion is that Mrs Brooks created an environment of deniability, where she had a pretty good idea of what was happening, she just made sure she didn’t know the details and that nothing was documented. That way no material evidence and lack of detailed knowledge gives her the ability to put on a blank stare claim ignorance. Sadly for her, nobody is buying it.

Remaining in her role makes her the current object of hate, which means that Rupert Murdoch isn’t getting the main bulk of negative. He’s leaving the woman, who served him for many years swinging in the wind, soaking up all the crap so that as little as possible makes it through to him. No doubt when the right time comes, he’ll cut her lose, but only when it suits his agenda.

Many people have taken the line that the News of the World was sacrificed to save her career. I don’t buy that at all, I don’t believe that Rupert Murdoch is that loyal to his staff. No, he’s done it to rescue the aforementioned News International purchase of BSkyB. Mrs Brooks will go as soon as her departure is judged to be make the best impact on said sale.

Yeah I’m Cynical

This whole sordid mess is not about ethics at all, well it is to the angry population baying for blood, but the players behind it all, those who are making the money, its all about sales, whether its newspaper sales or a staggeringly profitable television delivery service.

As one pundit said yesterday “there is no point in cutting off the arm, when the cancer is already spread throughout the body”.


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