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The killing of Lee Harvey Oswald

July 6, 2011
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The shooting of Lee Harvey Oswald just two days after he assassinated president John F. Kennedy robbed the world of the opportunity to have the answers to many questions surrounding the event and the motivations behinds it. So says a recent documentary on the Discovery Channel called JFK: The Ruby Connection (

Weather you subscribe to any of the conspiracy theories on the matter or not, its hard to see how anyone can argue with that point.

The documentary looks at the events of that weekend from the opposite direction. That is, it looks at Jack Ruby and his part in the whole process rather than plough the well furrowed soil that is the killing of the President of the USA.

The Assassination

Just to get it out there so that I can move on to the content of the documentary.

My take on the assassination is that Lee Harvey Oswald is the sole gunman. Modern tests and analysis have put it beyond doubt that not only did the shots come from a single location, but also that LHO was able to fire the shots with the accuracy displayed in the time taken.

Where I am unsure is on the motives of LHO and whether he planned it on his own. I think its possible he confided in or had assistance from those he had contacts with but I reject any suggestion that the ultimate command came from with the American government or security services.

What of Jack Ruby?

The programme goes into the circle of contacts that Jack Ruby kept and his business and character. Witnesses testify to the emotional state of Jack Ruby in response to the assassination of JFK and even have him saying he’d kill the offender if he had a chance. I’ll be the first person to concede that statements like that said in response to grief are not valid as motive indicators. Many people say things like that and do nothing about it. I’ve been there and done that myself, that is said I’ll kill someone as part of an anger response and never given it a 2nd thought ever again. So that comment in and of itself is a big indicator of much in my opinion.

However, Jack Ruby did go on to kill Lee Harvey Oswald, so in this instance, it does seem that he does mean it. Maybe Mr Ruby is of a character type that’s far more volatile than the likes of myself.

Was Jack Ruby Acting Alone?

I think so. In fact I can’t see how there is any other explanation. If LHO was to be taken out of the picture by those supposed to be orchestrating the whole affair, then there are far more subtle ways to do it. A visit by a fellow inmate already doing time for murder is the first thing that comes to my mind, or how about actually having a getaway car ready to take him away after the deed is done and then dumping his body in a river to save the police catching him at all. Leaving him to make his own getaway only to have him killed in live TV later makes no sense to me at all.

Getting the unstable Jack Ruby to do the job in such an open and high risk environment seems like a bottom of the list choice to me in terms of probability of success and no one else being hurt. Now of course he did manage it, but that doesn’t prove that there were other forces controlling him. My point is its not a very wise strategy to for execution of someone you want dead. The Jack Ruby killing of LHO screams out that it was a spur of the moment unplanned shooting that worked and certainly not the final stage of a bigger weekend blood bath.

The Final Moments of LHO

One thing that the documentary focused on, was the final moments of Lee Harvey Oswald and the movements of Jack Ruby leading up to that moment. On the morning in question Jack Ruby had a call from one of the girls who worked at his strip club requesting some money. He drove through town to wire the money, the timestamp on the money transfer is a mere 4 minutes prior to his shooting of LHO. Ruby walked the block to the police station after completing the money transfer and as he arrived, LHO was being brought to his waiting transport. LHOs’ transportation was supposed to have taken place at 10am, more than an hour before, but was delayed. The police station garage was also packed with press photographers and live news crew. It seems that Jack Rubys’ arrival was extraordinarily timed. This is not the sort of thing that an assassination relies on as it leaves way too much to chance and there are multiple elements that could go wrong and ruin the whole thing. It is far more probable that Jack Ruby just happened to be in the right place, at the right time and acted on impulse.


I have never accepted any of the conspiracy theories concerning the JFK assassination. As with most conspiracies, they posit idea that sound plausible at first listen and fit with some of the evidence. Yet when all the evidence is looked at, they are found wanting and are unable to stand up to scrutiny.

It is no surprise to me then that this documentary showed, yet again, that the claims of conspiracy are based on little more than paranoia and a poor application of critical thinking.


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  1. Duped Useful, I permalink

    Most respectfully, here I thought that by donning the “Duped Useful I****” avatar, I would advertise to the world how easily I succumb to conspiracy theories. But then, alas, matey, I am outdone. You posted this article that contains statements regarding your beliefs that Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone assassin of President John F. Kennedy. I coughed up my morning Pepsi from laughing at your work. Talk about being duped by lame conspiracy theories that have the common denominator with other postings in your body of work on this blog (like for both chem trails and 9/11), namely that the elements of govt and its agencies were not involved. More importantly, the events in question happened most assuredly as benignly as we’ve been told by the govt (through its commissions, etc.) and faithfully repeated by corporate media.

    No need to engage me, matey-oh, because we’ll never convince one another. I have been duped by other conspiracy theories, whereby your best course will be to simply let me usefully spit up how I’ve been duped, and then to ignore me. The secret service driver for JFK fired the fatal shot. Lee Harvey Oswald was a govt sponsored and created patsy, through and through.

    The murder of John F Kennedy ..Grassy Knoll assassins positively identified! (shock)

    Did his driver shoot President Kennedy

    Thanks again for the morning humor, despite the effects the castic Pepsi cola had on my nasal passages.
    Duped Useful, I

    • limey permalink

      I am glad I caused you some entertainment, however your conspiracy utterings are inaccurate. I note that while my post was about the shooting of LHO by Jack Ruby, you have ignored that and gone for the classic who shot JFK line.

      Anyway, I have looked at both of the pages you looked and the embedded video images that appear to show the driver turning and shooting JFK do not stand up to close scrutiny.

      This one shows the most clearly what is going on:

      The driver leans back and turns his head towards JFK, as he does so, his left arm straightens but his left hand is still on the wheel. His right hand is not seen. As this is happening, the front passenger also leans backwards and the top of his head moves out of the shadow of the top of the windscreen. Its the sun reflecting of the top of the head of the front passenger that is being mistaken for a gun in the grainy images.

      The drivers left hand is on the steering wheel and the drivers right hand would not be able to hold a gun in the position that is claimed to be a gun (but is not).

      So no, the driver did not do it, I’ve busted that claim in under five minutes just by looking at the shown evidence.

      Of course, I don’t expect you to accept that, that would be far too sensible.

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