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Thoughts on Bin Laden’s Assassination

May 23, 2011

Since posting my initial thoughts on the death of Osama Bin Laden (, I have given the subject more consideration and read a little of the inevitable conspiracy theories that have sprung up surrounding it.

The Initial news Reports

The first reporting of the news was short and to the point, reporting on the death at the hands of US Special forces. This of course would not be enough for a world that thrives on 24 hour news reporting and its insatiable appetite for the sensational. The assassination of Osama Bin Laden fits this need perfectly, so of course the world was baying for more information. So subsequent news reports gave more information, he was armed, he had a woman as a human shield and there was a prolonged fire fight. All elements now known to be false, since the debriefing of those involved and the release of the accurate account, based on those debriefings.

The reporting and subsequent correction of inaccurate information playing right not the hands of the conspiracy theorist, which is a shame really as many seem to utterly lack the critical thinking capacity required to make sense of initially conflicting accounts. Take for example the account of the female human shield report; its now known that the woman involved was one of Bin Laden wives and that she tried to shield him as an act of defence of someone she presumably loved. Its highly conceivable that the report of this was verbal from the operative that shot and wounded said woman and that he described the woman and shielding Bin Laden. Cue and form of Chinese Whispers as this gets reported up the chain and by the time a reporter gets to write it, it has become Bin Laden used a human shield. The truth comes out in the official report and the conspiracy brigade is all over it claiming it as proof of lies.

Well, if it was an intentional lie and the conspiracy was true, then the lie would have been reinforced rather than corrected. Its precisely the fact that the incorrect reports were overruled and corrected that shows the Obama administration was not trying to cover anything up. Yet, the conspiracy mind, already made up to conclude that something is wrong and that the story is not as it seems can only see the correction as evidence for intent of wrong doing rather than what it actually is, which is to correct wrong information with the facts.

Of course there is an issue and a legitimate question to answer on how the wrong and inaccurate information got out in the first place. No account of the incident should have been released until after the debriefing. Let’s hope this is a lesson learned.

But Didn’t Bin Laden die years ago in Tora Bora?

Only if you’re a conspiracy nut job, and even then, only in your mind.

The logic behind the he’s already dead theory is something along the lines of, in the Afghanistan mountains and caves of Tora Bora, where the hunt for Bin Laden was initially focussed after the events of September 11th, Bin Laden was killed, but the act kept secret so that the US could continue its very unpopular activities.

The proponents of this theory are forgetting some very crucial facts, the prime one among them is that the killing of Bin Laden would not have caused the war on terror to cease. It hasn’t now and it would not have then. The claim that keeping Bin Laden’s death in Tora Bora a secret enabled the war to continue relies on assumption that news of his death then would have stopped most of the events of the past ten years from happening.

This is a claim that is not only without foundation, its complete fiction.

Which then begs the question, what’s the benefit of making his death public now? If he died in late 2001 and its only now that its being made known, through an elaborate show of might; what is the benefit of that now? If the requirement was to prolong theUSactivates inIraqandAfghanistan, then surely that must mean the troops will start pulling out now that the excuse is gone? That logical miss is typical of the conspiracist, yet they fail to see it.

Oh and just for information, Al-Qaeda has confirmed that Bin Laden died in the us action (

But what about the kidney?

Interesting one this one. There are reports, allegedly from the CIA, that in 2000 Bin Laden was known to be suffering kidney failure and had up to 18 months to live. If true, then this could play into a big long term plan by the US government have planned the attack on the Twin Towers, blame it on a dying terrorist leader in order to generate an excuse to invade countries and depose Saddam Hussein, 10 years later the US would be less popular than ever in the Muslim world and they could then fake the killing of Bin Laden and move onto whatever the next stage of the mission plan is. All in the full knowledge that the next US president would keep the plan going, even if he (or she) was from the opposing political party.

Yes makes perfect sense, if you’ll forgive my sarcasm.

So what of the alleged kidney failure? Well given that the man killed in Abbottabad didn’t have kidney failure, then surely there is a mismatch somewhere. Predictably the only site I can find that are pushing the kidney failure as fact are the conspiracy ones. These are the same conspiracy websites that say theUSgovernment (which includes the CIA, the President, the politicians and everyone in between) is lying about the true events and targets of the raid on Abbottabad. What is it about the CIA report of kidney failure that is true and believable by the conspiracy theorists when the rest of what is said about Bin Laden is scoffed at and written off and unreliable. It can only be that its because it fits within the twisted world of nonsense that tries to pose as creditable conspiracy.

This is the nub of it all. The blinkered conspiracy theorist can only see what fits with their jaded view of reality. Taking a step back and looking at the wider picture and examining all of the facts and myths in an unbiased and critical way is simply not possible because it does not fit their agenda. The conspiracy theorist is like the creationist who looks for the anomalies in evolution rather than the evidence, or the climate change denier who refuses to believe the multitude of knowledgeable scientists and instead reads the blog of the charismatic well intentioned but ill-informed official story sceptic.

Given that it was Bin Laden who was killed in Abbottabad and he clearly was not suffering from kidney failure, where id the story actually come from? That’s unclear, maybe it did come from the CIA, or from a CIA source and got padded around and believed by many. Back in 2000 it certainly was a plausible story, and wishful thinking probably made it even truer in the minds of many people. Yet clearly it wasn’t. Was it misdirection from the CIA themselves to try and get Bin Laden to come public and deny it? Was it misdirection from Al Qaeda informants and they succeeded?

Who really knows? Not me and certainly not the conspiracy promoters. The only thing we can be sure of now, is that the kidney failure story was a myth, intentional or not, it got out there and has fooled the entire conspiracy world.

So why not release the ugly photos?

Finding themselves on the back foot the conspiracy theories have morphed again to make the best use of even the tiniest big of leverage they can possibly get a grip on. In this case it’s the much publicised, but never viewed, photos of the dead body of Bin Laden; apparently graphic to the point of inciting much violence.

TheUSgovernment can’t win on this one, if they don’t show it, they are hiding something and if they do show it, its obviously been faked. So quite frankly the conspiracy theorists can go screw themselves for all I care. As previously stated, they are incapable of being truly unbiased in the examination of the evidence and absolutely everything is interpreted in a way that suits them.

Personally I am glad the photo has not been released, no good at all was going to come from it so it best kept out of the public. I am very happy with that. The argument that it would incite yet more violence is very likely true, but then the act of killing Bin Laden did that anyway so the net effect would not have been much in my view. Yet I still consider it wise and in good taste to keep the photos private.

Likewise the burial at sea; the argument that a land burial would have created a shrine is sound and I for one do not wish to see that. Quite why they felt the need to emphasise the adherence to Muslim tradition baffles me slightly. I can understand the desire to not go out of the way to cause offense, but this was not a man who deserved any form of respect. Given that many consider bigamy and the killing of fellow Muslims to be contrary to Islam; its arguable that Bin Laden was not deserving of a burial that acknowledged the religion at all.

What about capturing him alive?

A nice pipe dream I suppose, but given the need for a quick in and out of the Bin Laden compound and the fractions of a second to think and decide when face to face with him, its hard to imagine that a capture would have been the end result. Personally I think dead is the better result because the circus that would have surrounded the trial would have been insane and stupidly time consuming and expensive. It also would have given far too big a platform for every kind of kooks and their insane ideas to come forwards and get air time on news channels. Frankly I don’t want that and the world would be better off without it.

Dead is better in my view, but of course this won’t satisfy any conspiracy simply due to the fact that its what happened. The conspiracy will always be claiming that the other thing, that thing that didn’t happen, is the thing that the government didn’t want to happen. That’s the nature of the beast, in all its illogical ugliness.


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