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Ding Dong the Terrorist is Dead

May 3, 2011

This weekend the news broke that at long last America has found its man and the long hated Osama Bin Laden is now dead. I am not one for gloating about the death of anyone, no matter how disliked they are and no matter how deserving that death may be. So, despite my initial feeling of relief at the news, I have found the images of celebration a tad distasteful, but understandable.

When I saw the first jubilant images in response to this news, I was immediately reminded of the jubilant images of celebration on the day of the September 11th atrocities. Cheering people in foreign lands celebrating the death of many innocent lives, Muslim, Christian, Jew, Atheist and others. Those sights angered me, that such joy could be taken from so much wilful destruction and death. The rejoicing in the news of Osama Bin Laden’s death, while not quite the same, evokes the similar unsettling emotions. I can fully understand why the news is considered great news and that some choose to celebrate it, I feel that to retain the moral high ground, those celebrating should have been much more reserved in their expression.

For many around the world, Osama Bin Laden was the face of modern terrorism, terrorism attached to fundamental Islam and therefore, source of much mistrust is anything Islamic. So while his death is a very symbolic victory over that terrorism, I wonder if anything will actually change.

The very dedicated Al Qaeda terrorists will not stop as a result of this, those who mistrust Muslims will not suddenly start trusting again, those who hateAmericawill go on hating.

I am in hope that the leadership of Al Qaeda is by now so fragmented and disabled that it can no longer function as it once did, but I am under no illusion that the desire to have revenge for this will be strong. I wonder if any one those seeking revenge will actually stop and think that this assassination is retribution for other atrocities. I suspect not.

What I find most interesting is that his final home was not in a cave in some remote mountain, but in an expensive house, quite close to civilisation. Though of course this should not be too much of a surprise, the man was a clever man and would have known that the mountains would have been the main target of searches for him. Many times I have read reports that his suspected whereabouts where mountainous regions. The old adage of hiding in plain sight seems appropriate here.

What does bother me, and has already been raised many times in news reports, is how long was he hiding there and for how long did Pakistani security officials know he was there? There certainly does seem to be much suspicion ofPakistan’s role in this and how much of a part did they play in not only hiding Bin Laden, but actively warning him ofUSmilitary activity. I’m not enough of a conspiracy junkie to go outright and suggest that Pakistan security services had an active role in keeping him alive for some of the past 10 years, but it certainly seems that there are many asking those questions very directly.

What Next?

Well no doubt the conspiracy worms are already out and about finding something on which to spin a thread of misdirection. The anomaly hunting which the conspiracy community does so well will no doubt be well under way and every perceived lack of consistency will be instantly translated into proof of something not being right.

I am sure the almost instant disposal of Bin Laden’s body at sea will be the source of much comment by those looking for something to gain from this. I suspect that conspiracies will circle around this being a false operation to create a problem inPakistan.


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