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Calm down dear, its just a birth certificate

April 28, 2011

Two events were big on the news yesterday, both of which made me wonder at the motives of some people in government these days.

The first is this event ( where our prime minister, David Cameron, told a heckling opposition MP “Calm down, dear”. This is a phrase well known here in Blighty, as it was used by a car insurance advert staring Michael Winner and is used in the context of defusing a potential clash over something that is not deserving of raised voices.

A right furore is being raise by Labour MPs because the Prime Minister is now apparently sexist for having used that phrase towards a female MP. Is this what constitutes political discussion these days?

To me it smacks of desperation by a Labour party who can’t come up with anything useful and so will create noise over a nothing incident like this.

The next event is the culmination of a long running attempt at conspiracy mongering over in the US. In this case it’s the big news that President Barack Obama has relented and shown his birth certificate to the nation ( It could just be coincidence that it comes just after Donald Trump entered into the area, though I suspect not.

In a sense I am disappointed that President Obama has relented to and shown the certificate, because it won’t actually shut up the hard core birthers. Though I do hope that Donald Trump will shut up about it, and if it shuts him up then at least the fringe people will accept the truth that Obama is the legally elected President. As President Obama said himself, there are far more important issues to worry about to be distracted by this sideshow of nonsense.

So here we have it, a day when politicians on both sides of theAtlanticmade noise about issues that are not even significant, let alone important to the country and they both made headline news.

How utterly depressing.


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