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Absolutely no Evidence Whatsoever for Chemtrails

April 4, 2011

This post is as a follow up to a post I made last week and due to its length I have decided to make it into a new posting rather than a reply to my original post. To read my original posting on the subject see here:

In a comment on my original post I made the claim that there is absolutely no evidence whatsoever for chemtrails. Photos of contrails in various states of dispersal might be evidence of a plane having flown through that region of the atmosphere. To claim that they are evidence of chemtrails is somewhat presumptuous. In order for chemtrails to be true, the evidence needs to be more robust than photos of fluffy white stuff.

I am confident that my claim of absolutely no evidence is fair and representative of the facts. It appears that not all agree and in response to that a few links were sent my way.

Personally I doubt that anything in the links satisfies the criteria of evidence, buts lets take a look anyway shall we!


This site seems to have a lot of information, not only does it boast its information about chemtrails, it also links them to single world government in the form of New World Order, The Illuminate and UFOs. There is lots there and I simply don’t have the time to check it all. Below are some points that occurred to me as I browsed through the pages.

–         chemtrails started to be sprayed in 1997.

there is no reference to backup that claim, that’s not a good start.

–         Claims chemtrails have aluminium and makes the following statement “The Aluminum is not just any off the shelf variety, but is a blend of T7075, with barium, molybdenum, and copper. Look at the crystal formations in the aluminum and notice the polarizing toward a counter-centric alignment not normally found in nature.”

Bold and italics NOT added by me. Where is the sample analysis to back this statement up? There is no reference to any sample in connection with the statement above. There is no explanation of what is meant by T7075, there is an aluminium alloy known as 7075, which is simply an alternative recipe for making aluminium. One assumes that the author knows that aluminium is an alloy and what an alloy is.

–         Chemtrails exist to make us all sick, or even reduce the population.

Well that’s not working very well given that the global population is continuing to rise  (2008 list of country population changes here: Again, there is no reference linked to this claim and no mention of how effective the campaign is was seen on the site.

–         An ‘X’ in the sky is a signature of chemtrails.

Well duh! Planes fly in different directions so a contrail ‘X’ is hardly going to be a surprise or a rarity.

–         Protect yourself with Colloidal Silver.

Colloidal Silver seems to be a popular cure all product among alternative health aficionados while mainstream medicine is very wary of the negative effects that silver ingestion has on human health is would far rather more modern medical products are taken. Personally I’ll take my changes with the medical profession and will pass on the advice given.

–         The body’s immune system is boosted by natural means and through a healthy diet.

Hurrah! Of course it chuffing is chap. If it’s that easy to protect yourself from the chemtrails, no wonder they are so ineffective. Maybe the powers that be are too stupid to realise and have forgotten to upgrade to a properly nasty chemical concoction, using aluminium and other horrid stuff.

–         use the Orgone based cloud busting device to dissipate the Chemtrails and help protect yourself.

Investigation on what this is device is leads one right down the path of preposterous pseudo science.

–         think the chemtrails away

At this point I gave up. Its bad enough to have the site littered with pseudoscience but to then claim that chemtrails can be rendered ineffective through prayer and positive thought is several step too far into the deep end. If that’s the case; why all the need to give details on building a cloud buster? Skip the pretence and money spending and jump straight to the psychobabble. Or does he financially benefit from the you building the ineffective cloud buster? I don’t know I didn’t read enough to check.


–         chemtrails started to be sprayed in approx 1998

that’s close enough to 1997 to be considered consistent with the site above, but there is still no reference to back it up.

–         Contains some interesting titbits on the proposed use of aluminium oxide as a sunscreen to protect against global warming.

Still no direct evidence of chemtrails though and the sunscreen motive is very different to the mind control, population control and introduced sickness claims that the conspiracy buff will try to convince you of.

–         Makes a reference to the ‘Space Preservation Act of 2001’

From what I can gather this act (which failed) was more about keeping space neutral and free of weapons rather than directly relating to chemtrails as an agent of population control. In my brief search I could not find an official government site detailing its contents. I have much reason to doubt the authenticity of sites such as this when they make claims regarding government document contents. External verification is needed. If this bill (which failed let me remind you) does contain the word chemtrails, what does that actually prove? If the purpose is as the conspiracy claims, why was this politician not shut up before the bill was presented? If anything, the mention of chemtrails in this bill would be evidence against the devotion of the government to increasing population sickness and the secrecy of chemtrails for the purposes claimed.

–         HAARP.

Yes, that thing that supposedly causes earthquakes in far flung regions of the world is apparently related to chemtrails too. The ability of the conspiracy believer to link all sorts of different things together never ceases to amaze me. Trouble is, adding more and more components to a conspiracy just makes it more and more complex and less and less believable.

–         Asthma is on the rise and its likely to be chemtrails.

You guessed it, no reference! The medical industry has several reasons for the increase of Asthma and all of them are more credible that the imaginary chemtrail cocktail.


–         Megatons of Aluminum(sic) to Rain Down from Global Experiment

Note the future tense! The date on the web page is 2010 and talks about geo-engineering in earth’s atmosphere to combat global warming. Notice how its being talked about by scientists and not by some super elite secret world governance body. Also notice how its more than a decade after chemtrails have supposedly already started. Notice too that its speculative talk about how it might be done and not it should be done or even is being done. What is being reported on here does not match the claims of the conspiracy brigade. This is such a far cry from evidence of chemtrails its actually laughable.


–         Global warming is a myth but our weather patterns have been deliberately messed about with by use of chemtrails.

Lots of talk about toxins and some references to pattern changes that actually come under the jurisdiction of climate change and, predictably, no references to anything. Apparently chemtrails now have a different recipe depending on the target area. Proof? You know something like multiple samples taken directly from suspect contrails and analysed and proven to not be a regular contrail, of course not.


–         DVD that asks the question “What in the World Are They Spraying?”

Nothing! That was nice and easy. Saved myself $19.95 there, okay maybe not since there was zero chance of me buying it anyway.


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  1. Señor El Once permalink

    Dear Mr. Limey,

    I mentioned before that Chemtrails weren’t my bailiwick, even though I did do the simple google search on the topic and provided some of its top links that stilted in the conspiracy direction and that now serve as the basis for your fresh posting.

    By way of analogy, in my younger & single days, I was a very avid film watcher in movie theaters. But, obviously, I only wanted to shell out money (and time) on films that were good by my standards. So I would read the reviews. Over time, certain film critics would stand out as consistently hitting my sensibilities of what constitutes good. It got to the point where simply seeing “two thumbs up” (their trademark) was enough to have me seek out the film rather than passively wait for the multiplex to maybe (not) run it. Moreover, some truly great films were independent in nature beyond the blockbuster thrill-a-minute tastes of the general public, so those films only made it to the art houses and never the multiplexes, until, that is, they were lauded with nominations and actual awards.

    When considering the film critics other than my tried-and-true ones, two types stood out. #1: Those whose reviews were hit-and-miss and therefore require substantiation through other sources or my own intuition. #2: Those (such as co-workers, neighbors, or the like whose [NASCAR] interests, [beer-guzzling] hobbies or [60’s-70’s hard-rock only] tastes) whose reviews (and lifestyles) were consistently contrary to my sensibilities. By way of example, choreographed car crashes, explosions, gun discharges, martial arts demonstrations, and body counts factored into their positive reviews, while (excessive) dialog, dialects, subtitles, and foreign scenery factored into their negative reviews.

    Despite the sensitivities of those #2 types turning them into “bad film critics” in my books, they were actually highly reliable, more so than the hit-or-miss #1 types. I knew what to expect when the #2 types offered their criticism and could therefore learn how I could use their information to affect my spending choices.

    Mr. Limey, your postings are like those of the “bad film critics.” Your advice isn’t to be taken at face value but has value to astute readers, such as in pointing out areas of research that those readers should explore more fully on their own.

    Kudos, and keep up the consistent work.

    • limey permalink

      Sharp eye’d readers will not need it pointing out that the comment above makes no attempt to refute my the claim of no evidence for chemtrails from a scientific standpoint.

      The poster has previously hinted at his acceptance of the chemtrail conspiracy, yet apparently he will happily admit that his knowledge of it isn’t enough to argue the case.

      I find that concerning, genuinely so. Surely something as serious as chemtrails which, if true, goes far beyond mere population spraying and calls into question the behaviour of government, the scientists who advise them and would beg the question ‘who the hell is in charge anyway?’. Given that the affected countries have seen multiple changes of government and apparently no let up in chemtrail activity.

      Surely no intelligent person could accept that without actually stopping and questioning all the facts thoroughly?

      • Señor El Once permalink

        Dear Mr. Limey,

        Based on the lame ways that you try to debunk several lengthy resources with essentially “one-liners”, I probably could argue that you haven’t proved “absolutely no evidence” of chemtrails. And while it is may be fun to label people kooky who research the topic and entertain the notion of conspiracy, readers should be asking the questions like what would motivate you to be such a hero and (lamely) debunk such views.

        You do raise a very good question for which you probably already know the answer: “Who the hell is in charge anyway?”

        Yes, even in the United States of America, this is a valid question. The answer is not the “government” in the form of elected leaders. Were that the case, Obama could have changed the course of Afghanistan, Iraq, and Guantanamo. Instead, he held over Bush’s Secretaries of the Treasury and Defense to continue their policies of banking bailouts and wars.

        These are some of “all the facts” that intelligent people should stop and question thoroughly.

  2. The Orwellian World of Chemtrails

    Chemtrails are a lot like 9/11. Either people get it or they don’t. They’re open and willing to see things for how they really are, or they’re not. It’s so obvious and in your face once you become aware of either chemtrails or 9/11, or a host of other truths, that you start to truly see the imagined “normal” world as upside down and backwards.

    Orwell got that this complete reversal of truth would be the method of the Controllers. It’s thought by many that he, like Aldous Huxley, were insiders to the Illuminati’s plan, but who were either blowing the whistle on this planned future, or were actually tools being used to teach future elites as well as pre-program the world to accept such a totalitarian state and its attributes.

    Either way, they both nailed the future, the world in which we now find ourselves.

    Chemtrail Conditioning

    Just as we were pre-programmed to blame Muslim terrorists for extreme acts of violence leading up to the watershed staged event of 9/11, so we’re being conditioned to accept these persistent contrails as being “normal”. The fact that the word “chemtrail” is considered a sign of lunacy attests to the successful media barrage used to implant and reinforce the very Orwellian process that’s been foisted upon us. If you trace most of the “taboo words” in this political correctness strangulation you’ll find a lot of other important truths you’re not allowed to even touch.

    So, along with getting used to seeing your skies streaked and sunny days dimmed as you develop asthma for no apparent reason, you might as well know the weatherman is in on it. After all, all weather reporting since 2004 goes through a central office near Washington run by….the Raytheon Corporation…one of the biggest war machine outfits on the planet.

    And today we’ve been sprayed again here in Dallas. On what would have been blue skies we’re now seeing a whiteish sheen appear after a series of these. Funny, seems “there’s an app for that.”

    So I checked my phone….now it makes sense.

    Here’s the shot of the sky above me at the same time….

    Blue, with a trace of chemtrails.

    Oh, I get it, weatherman…they’re GONNA be partly cloudy, we just have to wait a bit for them to get the skies scribbled over! All for our welfare of course, although they can’t get much credit, since no one fesses up to doing all this.

    Not just weird. Mindscrew Orwellian.

    And Back to Orwell

    So, we can add to War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is Strength……Sprayed Skies are Normal Skies.

    And let’s take a look at how they’re being normalized into society.

    Again, truth is what you are told it is. Period. (Except to the awakened.)

    Sorry, we’re being duped. Chemtrails are but a small part but a perfect illustration. When you start to realize how the entire illusion of society as you perceive it is a false, fabricated projection you’re starting to get close. It gets way deeper than that, but once on the trail, you’re home free…because a sincere, seeking heart will soon be a free heart….Keep on..there’s a team out there on your side already…!

    Much love,

    • limey permalink

      That video has to be one of the most illogical things I have seen. Its utterly stupid!

  3. Here is another important link for you on ChemTrails, Mr. Limey.

    • limey permalink

      I made it 25 minutes before closing my browser in frustration.

      There isn’t a polite way that I can put down my thoughts of that woman, suffice to say that she’s a tad paranoid.

      She came up with quite a few facts that are well known, eg the geo engineering experiments of the 50s. She then bridges very slickly to a conclusion that could be considered very scary with no evidence or proof that that is the result of what she has just talked about.

      Very poor.

  4. Dear Mr. Limey,

    Congratulations! Your review of those two videos was so pithy, it deserved being repeated. You wrote:

    That video has to be one of the most illogical things I have seen. Its utterly stupid!

    Followed by:

    I made it 25 minutes before closing my browser in frustration.

    There isn’t a polite way that I can put down my thoughts of that woman, suffice to say that she’s a tad paranoid.

    She came up with quite a few facts that are well known, eg the geo engineering experiments of the 50s. She then bridges very slickly to a conclusion that could be considered very scary with no evidence or proof that that is the result of what she has just talked about.

    Very poor.

    The phrase that convinced me was: “Its utterly stupid!” Brilliant! How did you come up with such eloquence!

    But if I was teetering at all, your powerful usage of “very poor” becomes a real argument clencher.

    This is why you so graciously receive the award of “Best Better-Late-than-Never-Comebacks to Comments from others made on his own Blog.”

    You make me proud that you are still in business. What would we ever do without you showing us the way (not) to go, the thoughts (not) to think, the conspiracies to (not) contemplate?! God bless you! Long Live Your (Disinformation) Blog and its witty, pithy combacks!

    • limey permalink

      I am so pleased to have entertained you, especially as my effort of argument and discourse matched the evidence and factual science in that video that proves chemtrails.

  5. linda permalink

    i am not 100% positive that chemtrails is what i periodically see in the sky. however, i will say that thought the jet schedule remains the same pretty much every day in our are of western, ny i would like to know why on similar weather days (ie warm, sunny, little or no breeze, etc) i see criss cross patterns that linger for sometimes hours high in the atmosphere some days and not others though planes frequently fly overhead and their trails discipate rather quickly. i had never noticed them before until recent years. another observation or should i say personal experience is that until this year i had never ever had any sort of allergy symtom to anything environmental. now i seemingly have allergies to certain outdoor pollens and have developed a reaction to wasp stings which i had never experienced. this at least tells me that something is going on environmentally because i eat quite healthy and stay away from any drugs, etc and clean with ‘green’ cleaners, etc. also, in response to mr. limey, even if there are no chem trails at this point and time if you think there is not a plan to depopulate you are living on your own cloud. just because there are still mega people on this planet….do you realize how many die daily and how many people are existing with severe health issues that they never had that diminish their quality of life? so, at least in this, do your research, sir, because there is most definitely a plan for depopulation….look what they are even doing to our food and water sources. let’s wake up and see why many folks can only conclude that something is also going on in our skies.

    • limey permalink

      Thanks for the comment Linda.

      I think you are falsely attributing the allergy symptoms you describe to contrails. Its far more likely to be something much closer to you physically. You look up and claim there has been an increase in contrails and therefore that is the cause. Well, there has also been an increase in the number of cars on the roads. There has also been an increase in the proportion of diesel cars on the road. Why not blame the cars?

      You ask me to do research and then you claim that there is a plan for depopulation. Hmmm is there any evidence for this? I certainly can’t see where it may be working. What countries of the world are actually going through a population decline? What are the genuine reasons for this? How do you manage to map that to contrails?

      I bet you’ve not even attempted to answer those questions for yourself, and yet you challenge me to go and do research.

  6. limey permalink

    Hi Sean,

    Thanks for those two links.

    The historical photos had me thinking because I have some old photos and slides from the 60’s and 70’s taken in parts of Europe and Africa. Sadly none of the ones I have looked at so far contain any contrails so I can’t add any of mine to the list of evidence in that thread. I do know there are other slides that I have not yet had a chance to scan in.

    Regarding the claims in that video that conspiracists claim there were no contrails that persisted for some time before the 1990’s is so wrong its laughable. Yet they continue to claim it and people will continue to believe it. Though I do note that some have now moved the claim to pre-80s. Interesting that instead of accepting that they might be wrong, the conspiracy conspiracy theorist instead changes the start date of their ideas because, despite all the evidence to the contrary, they insist that these daft ideas really must be true!

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