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Bothered by Libya

March 30, 2011

I’m bothered and uncomfortable by what going on in Libya right now.

There is much comment about what is going on there with many people pushing their opinion, be it pro and anti the UN action going on there.

Personally, I can’t make my mind up but I tend to think more towards leave the country alone to sort out its own fight.

The Libya uprising seems to be the latest in a line of Middle East revolutions and, like many others, I am of the opinion that Gaddafi is a pretty nasty leader, who belongs in the same box as Saddam Hussein. That said, I’m not convinced that the turmoil going on in Libya is anyone else’s fight but Libya’s.

What about the atrocities?

Well good point. What about them? Well any uprising runs the risk of retaliation and I view what is going on there as a civil war. It’s a war within the country over power. This sort of thing tends to have casualties and some of them will be pretty nasty. Human history is full of that, some of it pretty shocking.

Does it mean that the UN should step in and sort out every bloody civil war that is going to produce atrocities?

There is also the not so small fact that what the UN is doing in Libya is tantamount to state sponsored regime change. We’re not just trying to stop the atrocities, we’re actively helping the resistance. The UN has picked a side in this instance and that’s what bothers me. Its basically an internal matter that the UN has decided to step in and assist so the preferred outcome happens.

I am deeply uncomfortable with that.

No-win situation.

The thing is, it seems a precedent has been set with Afghanistan and Iraq. If nothing had happened, then The West would have been vilified for doing nothing. Now that something is being done, The West is being vilified for helping the rebels oust the big bad baddie for a controlling share of the oil.

Its always about the Oil

It’s the conspiracy theorists dream. Every country that has oil and a crisis gets help from the UN. Its always going to be America’s fault, or the Jews fault. Its so predictable it would be more shocking if the accusation of chasing the oil was not made. After all, why did the UN not send the same military might to Rwanda, Sudan and Zimbabwe? Because they don’t have oil is the predictable reply. Well actually southern Sudan does have oil but that’s doesn’t stop the conspiracy.

Is there an answer?

If there is I don’t know what it is. All I know is that the inconsistencies of UN action in countries along with what can only be described as the disastrous results of the action in Afghanistan and Iraq mean that I am not at all comfortable with my tax money funding the current action in Libya because I can only see it ending in a less peaceful world


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