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The Chemtrail Con

March 18, 2011

I love conspiracy theories. Not because I subscribe to them; I love conspiracy theories because I am fascinated by what drives people to not only believe in the unbelievable, but to actively promote the nonsense. Any time there is a conspiracy programme on the TV I tend to record it for watching later. Most are utter nonsense, some have a plausibility about them that you can understand people falling for, but ultimately I have yet to see a convincing conspiracy theory.

When it comes to dubious conspiracy theories, few are more stupid than the one that posits that airline contrails are actually loaded with mind altering, sickness inducing and calamity causing chemtrails.

When it comes to chemtrails nonsense, you’d have to go a long way to beat Clare Swinney.

The post that brought her to my attention is this post ( made after a devastating earthquake struck New Zealand.

The photos in her post are quite impressive, but are not unnatural. What I find especially laughable about her post is that shows a couple of impressive photos of Sun Dogs and tries to use them as evidence of chemtrails. The poor girl seems to have forgotten that clouds are simply water vapour and that water vapour and sunlight gives rise to rainbows.

With that in mind and trying to be as intelligent and respectful as possible, I wrote a reply to her post, that reply is still pending moderation. So I’ll past it below…

limey says:

Your comment is awaiting moderation.

24/02/2011 at 2:38 am

The colour patches in those photos look like Sundogs to me (

They are a regularly seen colour spot in the sky and quite well documented. They are also very often seen when there is no nearby earthquake to associate them with.

You can also get them on a clear night with a bright moon (


My guess is that dear Clare is so insecure and needy that she can’t cope logical and scientific explanations to her illogical witterings. If a post does not reaffirm her nonsense or is sufficiently blunt as to be easily responded to without having to actually explain anything then I would seem it never makes it. Today I discovered that I am not the only one to make comments on Clares posts that have remained in digital no-mans-land.

I’ve commented before that if you can’t back up what you say, then don’t say it. Clare is a perfect example of this sort of selective bloggery. Shame on her I say!

  1. Señor El Once permalink

    Dear Mr. Limey,

    Whereas you can certainly talk (seemingly) knowledgeably about video game technology, Honda Civic’s, and the like on your blog, when it comes to any topic bordering on govt duplicity, political intrigue, and the like, I find it astonishing that your opinions vary little from the dribble peddled by the (questionably) never-do-wrong govt mouth pieces. Adding to your unfounded 9/11 and 7/7 views, you posted this weak piece about Chemtrails.

    The difference between contrails and chemtrails can be discovered by any astute observer of the skies inside of just a few days. Contrails evaporate quickly before the aircraft (visible) has progressed, say, 90 degrees across the sky. Chemtrails linger for significant periods (> hour or more), spread into a thin layer, are laid in distinct rows and patterns often by aircraft either flying exceptionally high or being much smaller than commercial aircraft so as to be not seen except for the emitted chemtrail.

    I live in an area that gets more than 300 days of sunshine a year. Near cloudless skies are more the norm rather than the exception. The cross-hatch of chemtrails are very noticeable and distinct from the quickly disappearing contrails, particularly when traffic patterns are correlated from day to day, and chemtrail “rows” appear over certain areas and not others on certain “seeding” days.

    The following links are by far not definitive (much like your posting wasn’t definitive of anything), but they do give loyal readers of your blog (what few in number we are) a start into researching the truth.

    Dr. Gwen Scott: Aerosol Spraying-Mitigating the Harm to Your Health

    A Solari Report Special with Clifford Carnicom

  2. limey permalink

    O goody! It looks like my biggest fan still loves me after all and is missing me from his favorite 9/11 conspiracy portal.

    Sadly, he has failed to understand that the conditions at the altitude at which jets fly has a direct affect on the longevity of contrails.

    Instead he uses a personal anecdote, which rather than prove the conspiracy actually proves the science because the effects he describes are what are predicted by that science.

    I too have a personal anecdote, one from my childhood in Central Africa. I remember seeing planes flying overhead during the 1970’s. Sometimes there would be no contrail, sometimes there would be contrails that would rapidly disperse and sometimes they’d hang around for significant periods of time. In fact the contrails of those innocent childhood years behave in the same way as the do now. The only difference being, the number that are seen now, compared to then.

    Readers who wish to be educated on the subject would do well to click on the following link, which includes a handy contrail prediction map of the USA for those who wish to do some confirmation checking of their own.

  3. Señor El Once permalink

    Dear Mr. Limey,

    Being your biggest fan comes by default if I’m the only one subscribed.

    Certainly, much of what your linked “Contrail Science” blog writes about is valid. All disinformation to be believable has to have a sound foundation of truth before it steers perceptions and dupes us. But as its subtitle hints — “the Science and Pseudoscience of Contrails and Chemtrails” — the spreading of psuedo-science to downplay chemtrails may be an underlying agenda.

    You have a record of discounting historical trends and agendas, particularly when they are exposed as being not so benign. Whether or not successful, the manipulation of weather has a long history of human (govt) intervention. Disease control and public health are two other areas of govt efforts. Connecting these overt agenda items with the observable and distinct phenomenon of chemtrails is rather obvious, particularly when side-effects are measurable on the ground (e.g., insects, plants, soil).

    If any credence is given to dooms day predictions instigated by the elite, population reduction and control are mentioned as goals.

    From personal anecdotes comes data points that establish trend lines. The lingering chemtrails were not anything I recall from youth and early adulthood, periods equivalent to your anecdotes but on different continents. As your links prove, overhead traffic where I live has increased over the decades, but was probably always more in America than Central Africa. Yet, Central (United States of) America was at the time probably not a target of chemical experimentation from the air the way that Central Africa would likely have been, if it was carried out at all.

    Were you to be fair with contrails/chemtrails, you’d be able to evaluate sources that weren’t so “pro govt” or so faithful to their propaganda.

    I didn’t post comments at the time of their posting, but your fawning reviews of computer gaming technology and hints as to where your disposable income (and non-working downtime) goes is noteworthy. Another benign area, too, eh?

    Sure, you are free to believe your benign interpretation of things. If the arch of your agenda isn’t sponsored, you’re like the frog in the pot on the stove who does not register the progressively heating water as a threat until it’s too late and he’s cooked.

    On the other side of things, lots of Polly-Anna’s have been predicting the sky is falling on so many issues, they are easy to tune out as noise and as cranks. Many indeed are, and are even in cases purposely so to derail further public consideration of any serious nature. But not all of them are (noise & cranks). And serious & fair consideration reveals the nuggets of truth from their noisy & cranky claims that shouldn’t so easily be dismissed, as you are prone to do.

    • limey permalink

      And here it is, the anatomy of the conspiracy revealed.

      First there is the begrudging admittal that maybe, just possibly, given the right phase of the moon the science could be plausible. This rapidly moves to the denial of that science and the insistence that misleading intentions are at play.

      Here is an example of what meteorologists have to say about contrail formation:

      Then of course once the science has been offhandedly denied we move on to the true motives of the conspirator in question. In this case its the nefarious invisible ruling elite who apparently manage and control everything but remain unidentified and anonymous.

      Next comes the questioning of the personal life of someone with the opposing view, in this case me. As if my past enjoyment of sporty Hondas or current enjoyment of computer games has anything to do with the subject at hand. Not forgetting of course to slip in the suggestion that I might somehow receive a benefit for ridiculing the nonsense that is the chemtrail conspiracy. Oh I wish!

      Then to round things off there is a vague ramble about stuff to pad out the reply, maybe in the misguided belief that greater verboseness equals greater credibility.

      It shouldn’t be a surprise that I wrote this then should it:

      • Señor El Once permalink

        Dear Mr. Limey,

        Clap. Clap. Clap. Bravo! Well done! Bra-vo! You make a good show of it and put your recent training to good practice in the analysis put forth of my posting.

        It’s your blog. We can leave it at that, because chemtrails aren’t really my bailiwick anyway.

        Your dear readers will come to know on their own that whenever you do a deflection and wave-off of some topic in your semaphoric endeavors to project the benign-ness of things, they should circle back around at some point and investigate the topic further on their own and beyond the links & verbiage you provide.

        Carry on.

  4. limey permalink

    I hope other readers are laughing as much as I am in response to the latest reply by Señor El Once.

    Note how I get accused of deflection and then browse back through his earlier replies. Does the word ‘irony’ come to mind at all?

    The science of aeroplane contrails is well known. Its all down to local atmospheric conditions and is explained well in the links I have already posted above.

    Those who continue to promote the chemtrail myth point to the longevity and patterns of those contrails as their best evidence. These people, for reasons one can only speculate at, refuse to accept the scientific explanation, despite it being well documented and well explained.

    Chemtrail conspiracy theorists will invoke all sorts of secret government agendas and such in their attempts to avoid admitting their error. Despite there being no evidence whatsoever. When these same people are given the opportunity of being shown the error of their ways, they will wriggle out of it as best they can.

    • Señor El Once permalink

      Mr. Limey wrote (with emphasis added):

      Chemtrail conspiracy theorists will invoke all sorts of secret government agendas and such in their attempts to avoid admitting their error. Despite there being no evidence whatsoever.

      “No evidence whatsoever”? Now, now. That’s a bit harsh, don’t you think? When you make such over-generalized blanket statements, you just set yourself up to be quickly proven wrong. Worse, your agenda is exposed.

      Just like your sources are interesting and fact-based, if overly stilted to benign govt interpretations, your readers will find the following sources (found with a simple Google search) also interesting and evidence-based, if stilted towards malicious govt manipulation.

      Educate-Yourself: Chemtrails
      Introductin to the Chemtrail Issue
      Megatons of Aluminum to Rain Down from Global Experiment
      Deliberately Wrecked Weather From Coast To Coast
      What in the World Are They Spraying?

      Killer Chemtrails: The Shocking Truth

      I know you’ll have a hay-day regarding some of the sources, because that’s what you have historically done when you can’t address the specific issues brought forth. (What lesson number was that in your recent refresher course in spreading disinformation?)

      For the sake of discussion and permitting you your home-court podium time in character (It’s Good to be a Dick), even a broken grandfather clock is correct twice a day. Let’s leave it to your readers, lurkers, and chance Google surfers to decide the accuracy of the time and the message from both sides. And let them know that Google has many more links.

      P.S. If I could entice you in a fresh posting back to a topic you flumux so well, I’m looking forward to your book review of Dr. Judy Wood’s new textbook, Where did the Towers Go?

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