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Honda CRX 2nd Generation (1988-1992)

March 8, 2011
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Honda CRX 2nd Generation (1988-1992)

The 2nd generation CRX built on the success of the 1st generation model, but stayed tied to the Civic chassis, in this case the 4th generation Civic.

There are 2 UK specifications, getting the best 16 valve engines currently available from Honda. The 1.6i16v is, predictably, a 1.6 16 valve injection engine and the 1.6iVT is Hondas B16a VTEC engine, both these engines are shared with the 4th generation Civic models of the same name.

No UK 2nd generation CRXs were available as automatics, they did, however, have power steering and anti lock brakes as options.

On the inside, all UK CRXs had electric windows, electric wing mirrors and tilt / slide sunroof. The front bucket seats are stitched with the CRX logo, a bench seat provides meagre rear accommodation which is suitable only for the short journeys.

Outside, a glass panel in the rear section of the boot lid to improves rear visibility. The body is stiffer and heavier giving and combined with suspension improvements the 2nd generation CRX has a more stable ride and more precise handling over its lighter processor.

In 1990 Honda introduced minor updates and tweaks to the CRX, including ECU program modification to further smooth and refine engine performance, minor changes to front valance, design changes to the interior console and dashboard.

Body Details

Length 3775mm
Width 1675mm
Height 1275mm
Wheelbase 2300mm
Track Front/Rear 1450mm / 1455mm
Ground Clearance 160mm
Turning Circle 9.0m
Curb Weight 899-1030
Max Weight 1310-1380kg
Fuel Tank Capacity 45l (9.9 gal)

Other Common Details

Steering Rack and Pinion
Clutch Dry, single plate, diaphragm spring
Suspension Double wishbone
Toe-In (front/rear) 0mm / 2mm
Camber (front/rear) 0 deg / -0 deg 30 min
Caster 2 deg 59 min
Suspension Double Wishbone front and rear

Other Specifications

Drag Coefficient 0.30

Service Details

Service Interval 6000 Miles or 6 Months
Engine Oil SAE 10W-40 spec API SG/SF
Gearbox Oil Manual SAE 10W-40 spec API SG/SF
Gearbox Oil Automatic Dexron / Dexron II
Engine Oil Change Occasionally an Engine Oil change may be required after 3000 miles or 3 months
Cam Belt Change 60,000 Miles or 6 Years

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