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Honda CRX 1st Generation – 1.6i16v

March 8, 2011
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Honda CRX 1st Generation

The 1.6i16v is easily identifiable by the bonnet bulge on the off-side. The 1.6i16v, also known as the Si, was produced over an 11 month period during 1989 and 1990 and is probably the shortest production run for a Civic model. Understandably, it is available in lower numbers than the more powerful 1.6iVT model.

The 1.6i16v is not without its fans though. Many of whom prefer the characteristics of the non-VTEC engine, saying its round town driving performance is more comfortable and some tuning options do seem more suited to the non-VTEC engine.

Engine Specification

Chassis Code AS
Engine Code ZC
Engine Type 16 Valve DOHC Injection
Engine Management PGM-FI
Engine Capacity 1590cc (97 ci)
Bore and Stroke 75×90.0mm
Max PS 120 @ 6300 rpm
Max Torque 104 @ 5500
Rev Limiter 7200
Compression Ratio 9.5 – 1

Gearbox Specification

Gearbox Code
1st Gear Ratio 3.250
2nd Gear Ratio 1.944
3rd Gear Ratio 1.346
4th Gear Ratio 1.033
5th Gear Ratio 0.878
Final Drive Ratio 3.888
Reverse Ratio 3.153

Other Specifications

Wheels 5Jx14 alloys
Tyres 185/60R14 82H
Brakes Disks Front and Rear

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