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Honda Civic 5th Generation (1992-1997) – JDM

March 8, 2011
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Honda Civic 5th Generation (1992-1997)


As is usual, the JDM 5th generation Civics are available with a variety of specification differences and extras.

As is usual, the JDM SiR is the equivalent of the UK VTi. Just to create some confusion, there is also a JDM VTi model, this is powered by a D15 SOHC VTEC engine which is not available outside the Japanese market and should not be confused with the UK market VTi. The 1.5 engine in the JDM VTi is a tax break model, offering decent performance for a sub 1.6 engine, the car is aimed at the more budget conscious Japanese buyer where cars with engines under 1.6l get a reduction in tax. The JDM also offers an SiR II model which comes with helical LSD as standard, TCS traction control and climate control.

Optional extras available to JDM cars include helical LSD, TCS traction control, climate control, electric folding wing mirrors.

Body Details

Length (hatchback) 3995mm
Length (saloon) 4295mm
Length (shuttle) 4105mm
Width (hatchback) 1670mm
Width (saloon) 1690mm
Width (shuttle) 1690mm
Height (hatchback) 1330mm
Height (saloon) 1360mm
Height (shuttle) 1495mm
Wheelbase (all models) 2500mm
Track Front/Rear (all models) 1450mm / 1455mm
Ground Clearance 160mm
Turning Circle (hatchback) 9.8m (32.2)
Turning Circle (saloon) 10.4m (34.1)
Curb Weight (hatchback) 845-970kg
Curb Weight (saloon) 880-980kg
Max Weight (hatchback) 1310-1380kg
Max Weight (saloon) 1340-1410kg
Fuel Tank Capacity 45l (9.9 gal)

Other Common Details

Steering Rack and Pinion
Clutch Dry, single plate, diaphragm spring
Suspension Double wishbone
Toe-In (front/rear) 0mm / 2mm
Camber (front/rear) 0 deg / -0 deg 30 min
Caster 2 deg 59 min
Suspension Double Wishbone front and rear

Service Details

Service Interval 6000 Miles or 6 Months
Engine Oil SAE 10W-40 spec API SG/SF
Gearbox Oil Manual SAE 10W-40 spec API SG/SF
Gearbox Oil Automatic Dexron / Dexron II
Engine Oil Change Normally with each service. Occasionally an Engine Oil change may be required after 3000 miles or 3 months
Cam Belt Change 60,000 Miles or 6 Years

Other Specifications

Drag coefficient (saloon) 0.37
Lift coefficient (saloon) 0.20
Drag coefficient (shuttle) 0.35
Lift coefficient (shuttle) 0.03

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