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Honda Civic 4th Generation – 1.6iVT

March 8, 2011
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Honda Civic 4th Generation

The 4th generation 1.6iVT Civic is the first UK car to get Honda’s legendary B16a DOHC VTEC power plant.

Standard equipment is the same as that on the 1.6i16v; sports seats, electric wing mirrors, windows and electric slide glass sunroof, body colour door handles and mirrors.

The 1.6iVT is made to feel more sporty than the 1.6i16v with a slightly lower and stiffer suspension setup, shorter throw gearbox and wider profile tyres.

The 1.6iVT is easily identifiable by raised centre section of the bonnet (all other models, bar the automatics, dip in the centre section), also at the front, the clear indicator lens wrap slightly round the corners of the bumper. At the rear of the car the single exit exhaust is oval shaped. There is also a small subtle black valance that surrounds the car, which is missing from all other 4th generation Civic models.

Power assisted steering was provided as an option by Honda, it is not known how many cars this was taken up on.

Engine Specification

Chassis Code EE9
Engine Code B16a
Engine Type DOHC VTEC
Engine Management PGM-FI
Engine Capacity 1595cc
Bore and Stroke 81×77.4mm
Max BHP 150 @ 7600 rpm
Max Torque 112 @ 7100
Compression Ratio 10.2 – 1
Valve Size Intake / Exhaust 33 / 28
BTDC Intake Opening 10
ABDC Intake Closing 40
Intake Duration 230
BBDC Exhaust Opening 40
ATDC Exhaust Closing 7
Exhaust Duration 227
Overlap 17
Intake Lift 10.6
Exhaust Lift 9.4
Valve Springs Intake / Exhaust Double / Single

NOTE: For some of the values above, my source of information did not provide any units. Its my hope that those who read the table above and know more about engine specifics than myself, will be able to work out what they represent.

Gearbox Specification

Gearbox Code Y1
1st Gear Ratio 3.250
2nd Gear Ratio 2.052
3rd Gear Ratio 1.416
4th Gear Ratio 1.103
5th Gear Ratio 0.870
Final Drive Ratio 4.133
Reverse Ratio 3.000

Other Specifications

Wheels 5Jx14 alloys
Tyres 195/60R14 82H
Suspension Fully Independent
Brakes Disks Front and Rear

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