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Honda Civic 3rd Generation (1984-1987)

March 8, 2011
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Honda Civic 3rd Generation (1984-1987)

The 3rd generation Civic brought a significant change to the body design, largely due to aerodynamic advances. The 3rd generation Civic is available in 3 door hatchback, 4 door saloon and 5 door Shuttle body styles.

The 3rd generation Civic was the first to get Honda’s evolving PGM-FI electronic engine management system. This brought greater control over fuel delivery spark timing, resulting in significantly better fuel consumption and power figures and started Honda on the advanced engine management and design course that has given us the great Honda engines we have today.

The introduction of Hondas 12 valve cross flow injection engines further improved the efficiency and performance of the Civic models.

In October 1983 Honda introduced the more spacious Ballad version to the Civic range.

Engine Specifications

Engine Code EV
Engine Type 12 Valve CVCC SOHC carb
Engine Management PGM-FI
Engine Capacity 1342cc
Bore and Stroke 74x78mm
Max BHP 78 @ 6000 rpm
Max Torque 82 @ 3500
Valve diameter (intake) 27mm x2
Valve diameter (exhaust) 74.0mm
Compression Ratio 10 – 1

Engine Specifications

Engine Code EW
Engine Type 12 Valve SOHC Carb
Engine Management PGM Carb
Engine Capacity 1488cc
Bore and Stroke 74×86.5mm
Max BHP 89 @ 6000 rpm
Max Torque 93 @ 3500
Valve diameter (intake) 27mm x2
Valve diameter (exhaust) 74.0mm
Compression Ratio 9.2 – 1

Body Details

Length (3 door) 3810mm
Length (saloon) 4145mm
Length (Ballad saloon) 4160mm
Length (shuttle) 3990mm
Width (3 door) 1630mm
Width (saloon) 1630mm
Width (shuttle) 1645mm
Height (3 door) 1340mm
Height (saloon) 1385mm
Height (shuttle) 1490mm
Wheelbase (3 door) 2380mm
Wheelbase (saloon) 2450mm
Wheelbase (shuttle) 2450mm
Ground Clearance (3 door) 160mm
Ground Clearance (saloon) 160mm
Ground Clearance (shuttle) 165mm
Turning Circle 10m
Curb Weight (3 door) 740-840kg
Curb Weight (saloon) 790-860kg
Curb Weight (shuttle) 820-910kg
Fuel Tank Capacity 46l (10 gal)

Other Common Details

Steering Rack and Pinion
Brakes (front) Disks
Brakes (rear) Drum
Suspension (front) Torsion Bar
Suspension (rear) Trailing Link
Wheels (1.3 carb models) 4.5Jx13 steel
Wheels (1.5) 5Jx13 steel or alloy
Tyres (1.3 carb models) 155 SR13
Tyres (1.5 carb models) 165/70SR13

Other Specifications

Drag Coefficient (Shuttle) 0.39
Lift Coefficient (Shuttle) 0.0
Drag Coefficient (saloon) 0.39
Lift Coefficient (saloon) 0.22
Drag Coefficient (3 door) 0.35
Lift Coefficient (3 door) 0.04

Other Information

Braking Distance from 50kmh 14m

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