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Honda Civic 2nd Generation (1979-1983)

March 8, 2011
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Honda Civic 2nd Generation (1979-1983)

In 1979 Honda launched the 2nd generation Civic. Honda built on the success of their small city car to bring it into line with the needs and desires of the 80s city dweller. For this new generation of Honda’s most popular model, wind tunnel technology was used to improve aerodynamics and reduce intrusive wind noise.

Honda improved economy further with advances in the CVCC engine combustion system and the addition of a  small oxidation catalyst in the exhaust.

Built on a single monocoque body, the 2nd generation Civic was initially available in 3 and 5 door body styles with 1.3 or 1.5 CVCC engines. This new chassis was also used as the platform of the developing Honda Prelude.

Several Models were made available to customers with differing seat options; leather (SE), semi fabric (GL, CE, GF, CF), full fabric (LX) and two tone fabric (CX).

The Civic Van LV was added to the model line-up in late 1979, a 4 Door saloon and 5 Door Station Wagon (known as the Country) followed in 1980.

Automatic transmissions were improved with the introduction of the Hondamatic automatic gearbox with overdrive. Other introductions to this new generation Civic include; power windows (EX model), trunk lid opener (CF and EX) and fuel flap opener (EX).

Awards and accolades given to the 2nd generation Civic include; American import car of the year (1980).

Engine Specifications

Engine Code EJ
Engine Type 8 Valve CVCC SOHC Carb
Engine Capacity 1335
Bore and Stroke 72x82mm
Max BHP 70 @ 5000 rpm
Max Torque 79 @ 3000
Compression Ratio 8.8 – 1

Engine Specifications

Engine Code EM
Engine Type 8 Valve CVCC SOHC Carb
Engine Capacity 1488cc
Bore and Stroke 74×86.5mm
Max BHP 85 @ 5500 rpm
Max Torque 89 @ 3500
Compression Ratio 8.8 – 1

Gearbox Specification

Gearbox Code
1st Gear Ratio 2.916
2nd Gear Ratio 1.764
3rd Gear Ratio 1.181
4th Gear Ratio 0.846
5th Gear Ratio (FT, FXT, FXE only) 0.714
5th Gear Ratio (5 Door Station Wagon) 0.714
Final Drive Ratio 4.428
Reverse Ratio 2.916

Gearbox Specification (automatic)

Gearbox Code
Low Ratio 2.047
High Ratio 1.370
Overdrive 0.969
Final Drive (4 door) 3.105
Final Drive (5 door Station Wagon) 4.428
Reverse Ratio 2.916

Body Details

Length (3 door) 3995mm
Length (4 door) 4090mm
Length (5 door Station Wagon) 4085mm
Width (all) 1580mm
Height (3 door) 1385mm
Height (4 door) 1350mm
Height (5 door Station Wagon) 1380mm
Wheelbase (all) 2320mm
Ground Clearance 165mm
Track (front) 1360mm
Track (rear) 1380mm
Curb Weight 770-840kg
Turning Circle 10m
Fuel Tank Capacity 46l

Other Common Details

Steering rack and pinion
Suspension (front) Independent struts
Suspension (rear) Leaf Springs
Brakes (front) Disks
Brakes (rear) Drums
Wheels (1.3 CVCC) 12 inch steel
Wheels (1.5 CVCC) 13 inch steel
Tyres (1.3 CVCC) 6.00-12-4PR
Tyres (1.5 CVCC) 6.15-13-6PR
Tyres (1.5 CVCC) 145 SR13 and 155 SR13

Other Information

Braking Distance from 50kmh (3 and 4 door) 13.5m
Braking Distance from 50kmh (5 door Station Wagon) 14m

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