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Lego Minotaurus Game – Review

January 7, 2011

I was very pleased when my daughter opened up her Christmas present from my brother and it turned out to be the Lego Minotaurus game. I had been had my eye on these Lego board games for a while and given how much I enjoyed the Lego games on my Xbox 360, I was keen to see how Lego worked in a board game scenario.

First Impression

As someone who see’s a lot of child’s toy packaging and gets very frustrated with the amount of poor quality rubbish that is used, opening this Lego box was a genuine pleasure. The box itself is a quality box and is obviously designed to take a bit of punishment. What’s more, the assembled game fits back inside the box again; something that Playmobile should think about more.

The Lego bricks inside are the usual excellent Lego quality. I am more and more disappointed by the overall quality of many children’s toys so its always nice to see Lego continuing to ship high quality durable products. Long may it continue.


Assembly instructions were clear and easy to follow. However, they were a little fiddly for my daughter’s small and young fingers. It should be pointed out that that she is below the recommended age for this game and that the assembly instructions were also too difficult for her to read (given her age) so adult assistance was required. This is not a criticism of Lego.

Game Play

There is no need for me to go into the details of the game play instructions, the rules can be downloaded from the Lego page linked to above. Suffice to say, they are simple and straight forward. Easy to understand rules that don’t take an age to explain are essential for young children and Lego Minotaurus hit that mark perfectly.

It took less time to explain the rules to my daughter than it did to assemble the game board. Which means we were away and enjoying our first game very quickly.

My estimation is that a typical 4 player game will last about half an hour and a 2 player game about 20 minutes. This was plenty of time for my young daughter to have a fun filled game yet not so long that she got bored. There was enough excitement generated by the game to have all the players laughing and cheering at various throws of the dice.


Given the simple rules of the game, strategy plays a very important part of game play. Get it wrong and you won’t enjoy the game much, if at all, get it right and accept the fact that you’ll occasionally get a thumping and it becomes a great fun game that will guarantee many laughs.

Two player games have the potential to be the most boring so for the most fun I suggest going to the highest number of players, which is four in this case. I’d love to see a variation with more players but its hard to see how that would work with this particular board format.

One point of note on strategy; young children are great at dishing out harsh blows in a game like this, but not so good at receiving it. When we played over Christmas I did reign in my desires a bit so as to allow my daughter to enjoy the game without feeling hard done by. To fully let rip with the worst strategies you need a child who can take it. Personally, I look forward to having a no-holds-barred game with my brother where we can each wreck havoc on the others progress with as much devastation as we can muster.


In case its not clear, I genuinely love this game. I think it shows an ingenious extension of the Lego brand and I am absolutely in favour of it. If you are considering buying it and have enjoyed board games, then I can’t see any reason why this game won’t satisfy.

I highly recommend Lego Minotaurus and I am already thinking about which other Lego game I will get, I’m thinking Lego Race 3000.



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