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Stupid Students

November 11, 2010

Yesterday we had a bunch of students protesting in London over the increased cap on tuition fees.

Not surprisingly, there was a descent into violence and vandalism. Killing dead any last remnants of sympathy the general public might have for their cause.

There seems to be a hefty segment of the student population that thinks that a free university education is a right. On what basis is that right assumed?

Generally, a degree makes a prospective employee more attractive to employers and typically allows them to demand a higher salary and a non-degree colleague. Therefore money spent on attaining a degree should be considered an investment to the future.

Work for your future.

While its certainly unfair to stereotype, and I’m certain this does not apply to all university students; there does seem to be an attitude to university education that it’s a fun few years of getting pissed on cheap beer and hopefully getting laid lots too. What happened to working during holidays and free time to help pay for all that fun?

University education should not be about delaying the responsibilities of adulthood for as long as possible. Going to university should be about getting specific further education to help with a career to make you better at doing the job you want to do. If the primary motivation is anything else, then you should not be at university at all.

University students are old enough to be working and contributing their taxes. If they wish to spend those years getting a degree that’s fine by me, but why should they expect to get it for free? There should be a two-way street of responsibility here and yesterdays display demonstrated an utter lack of responsibility on the part of the students.


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