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Oh how I wish Some Dog Owners Would Think a Bit

November 3, 2010

Some dog owners really wind me up! They have no concept of the idea of social responsibility; by that I mean, they don’t clean up after their mutts and they make zero effort to control the behaviour of their pet, especially around young children who are obviously nervous of their presence. The really shocking bit about the latter is that its not that they willingly ignore the behaviour issue, they actually don’t realise that there is a problem and that they should do something about it.

This is a very real annoyance for someone with a young child, who is extremely nervous of dogs as a direct result of the above.

Not all Dog Owners are Thoughtless Imbeciles

First off, let me make it utterly clear that not all dog owners are deserving of such criticism. In fact there are some fantastic dog owners about. I have met them while out and about and they have stopped to put their animal on a lead when seeing my nervous daughter. They have stopped for a chat and offered to let her stroke or pet their pet. The way these good owners have gone out of their way to not only avoid unnecessary stress to my child, but to actively encourage a positive opinion of dogs and dog ownership.

To all those dog owners, a hearty ‘thank you’. Sadly they are often unnoticed or forgotten. Their dogs don’t form a long lasting impression, either psychologically or physically, because they are gone with a smile and all evidence that they were their leaves with them.

Clear up the Stinking Poo!

You’d think it would go without saying, yet there is a very significant number of dog owners who are incapable of clearing up after their mutt has fouled the path or grass verge.

In the close where I live there is a section of public grass, where children play and signs display the recommendation to dog owners to clean up. Yet its not uncommon to see dog mess sitting there, just waiting to be stepped in. At one pint last summer it got so bad that I started challenging every dog owner I saw standing on the grass with a crouched canine. Everyone one was apparently a responsible owner and cleared up, some even took gross offence at being challenged, most in fact, the minority were very good natured about it and understood my reasons for checking.

I make no apologies for any offence caused.

Winter is the worst.

I am dreading this winter because last winter we had a whole load of snow which hung around for weeks. This meant that many dog walks worth of shit built up, frozen and hidden, to be revealed in the thaw. What a horrid stinking sight that was.

No I know why dog walkers go out in the early morning, before most sane people are up. Its so that they can get away with their spiteful laziness in private and not get caught.

Control and Common Sense

The other big bear I have with the ignorant dog owner is their inability to act with any common sense at all when it comes to controlling their mongrel in the presence of others.

The simplest example is; dog comes up to small child, who backs away obviously scared. Dog’s owner says “don’t worry, it won’t hurt you, it just wants to say hello”. You think a child who is eye height to a strange dog, that’s running towards them, with no lead, is going to understand and comprehend that? You stupid fucking moron, bring it under control, on a lead if necessary, and stop creating long term problems by causing young children to have a major fear of dogs which parent such as myself have to battle every bloody day.

* Please excuse my language, swearing is not something I would normally condone on this blog, but I think in this instance it gets the point across nicely.


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