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The Internet, its full of stupid

October 14, 2010

This morning I read a blog post which comments on the fact that a few people were forwarding an email with the ‘fact’ that October 2010 contains 5 Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, and that it only happens every 823 years. The poster commentated that its very obviously wrong and one only needs to think about it briefly to see why. There being 7 days in a week being the major clue.

Now, I am old enough to remember the days before the social networking, when the internet was very much in its infancy and home internet was not the norm. These were the days of dial up, broadband was the reserve of large companies.

In those glory days, ‘facts’ like this would occasionally pop up and flood peoples inboxes. The good thing about that, was that it was easy to send an email back tell people to stop forwarding such crud about and why it was wrong.

Over the years some quite elaborate and amusing myths have been forwarded along. Often the trick was to make it amusing to read and sufficiently vague, yet sounding detailed, that no one would question it for too long before forwarding it along.

Not really believing that this particular ‘fact’ could get past anyone’s common sense filter I decided to do a web search for the 3 days in question, the month and 823. Imagine my dismay when I saw the sheer number of hits.

Kids with Facebook and Twitter accounts are forwarding this ‘fact’ along at the simple click of a button, no need to hit forward in their email software and enter in loads of addresses, they don’t even need to vet anything. Just hit share/retweet/whatever and its moved on.

Then there are the bloggers who are randomly pasting it into their banal posts, as if it makes their drivel more palatable.

After scrolling through several pages of results I gave up, almost in tears, the age of the internet really has turned the most advanced sections human race into unthinking mimic machines.


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