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Lego Batman for XBOX 360

September 9, 2010

I can’t remember exactly how it happened, but I ended up playing a demo of Lego India Jones with my young daughter.

I think the sequence of events went along the lines of; one day I was playing on my XBOX my young daughter wanted to have a go too. My excuse was that I didn’t have any children’s games for it because we used the Wii for children’s games. Like all logical children of her age, the immediate response was a request to get one. A school friend of hers had mentioned Lego games, so on scrolling through the demos available for download, Lego Indiana Jones was spotted and installed. Followed soon later by the demo of Lego Batman.

The plus side of both of the demos is that we could both play our characters at the same time. The first few plays were very awkward for the young fingers and mind. Coordination was difficult and anything that required the character to jump or grab something usually resulted in the controller being given to me to perform that part for her.

The Lego Batman demo very quickly became the favourite. Being able to play the villains as well as the superhero duo added to the appeal.

As we continued to play young daughter got progressively better and it wasn’t long before she was able to master much of what the demo levels demanded of her.

The predictable requests of ‘when can we get the full game’ started.

Fortunately for us, my wife spotted Lego Batman at a discounted price in a high street shop while on holiday. Never has been going home from a holiday been so exciting.

In short, playing Lego Batman co-op with my daughter is both fun and frustrating. We both have different personal goals; I like to bash and collect everything to try and get 100%, while young daughter just wants to get to the end as fast as possible. Well, that’s until something fun catches her attention. She absolutely must drive every car, jump on every ride, and build every object. She is still extracting fun from these small distractions long after the novelty has worn off for me. Finding the helter-skelter was hilarious, but I had to tell her to stop sending our characters down it constantly so we could get on with the game.


We’ve nearly completed Lego Batman together in story mode. Some levels have required going to a cheat website to get a hint on what to do next when we’ve not worked it out. The patience of a small child simply does not extend far enough to spend half an hour going back through a level checking that everything has been done.

Just one niggle

There is just one niggle I have with the game which spoils it for me slightly. Its that some of the things a character has to do, like jump for a grab, require very precise positioning. This can be difficult given the screen is trying to show 3D positions. Depth is extremely hard to visualise. The occasions when this happens is very frustrating. Modern games like the Lego series should be long past having to place your character at a specific spot in order to do a task. That sort of game requirement belong in the past, to the Jet Set Willy generation.

Other than that, the game is hugely fun for both me and the daughter. I look forward to more hours of fun on it, using the free play option, when we have completed the story mode.

Indiana Jones

While this review is mainly about Lego Batman. We have also been playing Lego Indiana Jones and much of the same applies to Indian Jones as well. Both of these Lego games are immense fun and have very few genuine frustrations. They are family friendly and playing with my daughter on them is wonderful.

I whole heartilly recomend them and I shall most certainly be getting other Lego games for my XBOX 360.


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