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LoveFilm don’t have a ‘Change Format’ button!

September 2, 2010

I am utterly convinced that I am not alone in being a long term LoveFilm subscriber but only a recent adopter of Blu Ray.

Having only this week entered the world of high definition, with the purchase of a Samsung Blu Ray surround sound system, it was time to update my LoveFilm list from DVD to Blu Ray.

I have a little over 100 titles listed on LoveFilm.

On logging in, I first checked to see if there was an easy way of mass converting the lot from DVD to Blu Ray, where available of course. Nope, there is nothing there to be found at all.

Oh well, lets have a go at converting a few manually.

The first thing that becomes clear is that when viewing the titles list, there is no way of telling if the titles you have listed are available in any other format. Clicking into each item, changing, adding the Blu Ray and then removing the DVD soon became utterly tedious as it was clear that doing the full list was going to be several hours of effort.

The frustration is increased when you spot that either there is no Blu Ray alternative or you have to remove the DVD upon adding the Blu Ray.

The really is very poor usability and web design. Being a fan of LovFilm, its very disappointing to find this lack of forethought in their website. Its an obvious value added feature, that could be developed and implemented within a week, fortnight at most.

Struggling to believe that LoveFilm require me to manually convert my whole list, I dropped them a note on their support page and received the following reply the next day.

Thank you for your recent email.
We apologise for the inconvenience caused to you.
I am afraid, I must advise you that we do not have an option to change your current selection to Blu-ray discs. May I ask you to login to your account and manually add the blu-ray discs to your selection list.
Should you have any more queries, please do let us know and we will be happy to assist you.

Utterly disappointing.

No acknowledgement that it would be a very useful addition to their website. Just ‘sorry chap, do it the hard way’.

Now they won’t be loosing me as a customer, because this really isn’t an end of the world issue and while it is a major nuisance its hardly going to cause me stress and loss of sleep.
It’s the obvious lack of customer focus that gets me.

As an IT professional, its part of my job to work to the best needs of the customer and so I expect to see obvious additions that make the customers life easier when using your product. So when I see a glaring omission, especially one which could easily be developed and implemented, it really does rile me somewhat.

There simply is no excuse for being lazy when it comes to usability features and developers of sites such as LoveFilm really ought to be ashamed of themselves.


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  1. Rat_Stew permalink

    I agree 100%, this seems like an obvious feature. I have just made the upgrade to Blu-Ray and now I need to manually search for each film in my list (72 films) to see if it is available in Blu-Ray, add it and then remove the DVD version. It’s just an unnecessary inconvenience that would be very easy for LoveFilm to implement. Sort it out LoveFilm!

  2. limey permalink

    Thanks for the comment and agreement.

    I get regular hits to this rant using the search terms ‘lovefilm’ and ‘change format’ so its obvious to me that this is a feature that users of LoveFilm miss.

    I have since discovered that the problem gets worse. When you sign up for a LoveFilm account, you specify your format, this become your default format, so when you click to rent a film that is the format that is added to your queue automatically.

    When you move from DVD for BluRay (as many people have done) not only do you have to manually change each rental title, but you can no longer use the quick click to rent because that adds the DVD. From now on you must go into the title and specify the BluRay disk.

    I am tempted to kill my subscription and start a new one, just so that I can make life a bit easier on their website.

  3. Rich Miller permalink

    I’ve just had the same problem (DVD to Blu Ray) and came across this note when looking for a solution. I sent an email to their help desk and was told the manual route is the only one available, but:
    “The information regarding this feature in mentioned in the help section
    as this option is going to be made available in future, but we will not
    be able to confirm this will be.”

    Another function I think is lacking is that there’s no alert if you try to rent a title that you’ve already had. I know we all have a memory, but as the rented list increases, it would be easy to pick up an obscure title that you watched two or three years ago. I believe it would be a simple addition to have a pop-up “you have rented this title previously, do you wish to proceed…?” I put this suggestion in my email but received the (rather patronising) reply:
    “To access the list of your previously rented titles, could you please
    log in into your account and mouse over to ‘My Rental List’. Then by
    clicking on ‘Previously rented titles’ which you will find exactly
    below, you will be able to view all the information of these titles.”

    As you said above, I also a fan of LoveFilm and won’t be closing my account for the sake of a few extra clicks of the mouse, but it is frustrating as a user when the simple builds aren’t implemented.

    • limey permalink

      Hi Rich,

      Thanks for the comment. It is amazing that LoveFilm don;t seem to have the common sense or the drive to implement what would be a very useful feature of their website. I get hits to this post almost daily from search engines with variations of the phrase “LoveFilm dvd to bluray”.

      Your previously rented idea is also an excellent suggestion and I too have considered that it would be a very useful addition to the LoveFilm site. A little note next to each title giving the month and year it was last rented (maybe the number of times rented as well) would be such a user friendly addition to the site. Their reply to you is very patronising and betrays a shocking lack of desire to be customer focused.

      As a technology professional my job demands that the sort of user friendliness you’ve mentioned be considered and raised with clients. LoveFilm would do well to take heed because one day there’ll be a credible competitor with a far more user friendly service.

  4. hopefully with netflix and sky’s nowTV being pushed so heavily there will be some good competition to force them all to work a bit harder for our custom.

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