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Its one rule for them and another for everyone else

April 29, 2010

I was watching an episode of Channel 4’s Three In A Bed this week. This particular episode featured a gay B&B owner who runs an exclusively for gay men B&B.

I was immediately reminded of this story,  where a gay couple were turned away from a B&B, not only did it make the national news, but the police were also asked to get involved.

Now I am all for ending bigotry and discrimination, the law should definitely support and protect people from being discriminated against. Different people like and prefer different things, and so it should be. Vive la difference and all that.

The problem with laws against discrimination is that where do you define the line between discrimination and right of preference? You can’t, it’s a grey area and the law would have to be so full of specifics that it would be unsupportable.

The result is that we are left with the ridiculous situation that if a B&B refuses to accommodate a gay couple they are guilty of discrimination and violating gay rights. Their rights to refuse access to their own home and business are relevent.

If someone wants to set up a gay men only B&B its apparently okay. The same couple who refused to accommodate a gay couple would be refused from this B&B and no one would care.

Legal rights and protection from discrimination should work both ways, otherwise it doesn’t work at all. Either all B&Bs should be open to everyone or B&Bs should be able to stipulate who they will and will not accommodate.

What you can’t have is a group of people creating a specific type of B&B (or any other service) thats meets a particular requirement to the exclusion of everyone else while at the same time kicking up a fuss because elsewhere that particular requirement will not be met. It’s bigoted hypocrisy at its most ugly and it shows up the weaknesses and stupidity of the law in a glaring obvious way.


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