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Repositioning balls is just not snooker

April 21, 2010

There’s one thing about snooker that annoys me, bugs me even. It’s the rule that allows the balls to be replaced back to their original positions after a foul shot. I utterly disagree with it and don’t see any justification for its existence.

Balls should be played from their resting place. When they are moved, for whatever reason and by whatever means, they should remain where they stop. In my view, this is a silly rule which requires the referee to keep a check on the positions and be able to replace from memory.

I may not be the sports biggest fan, nor am I rules nerd, but I do find that the enjoyment of watching the game is considerably reduced every time I see the referee reposition the balls.

If a player makes a foul shot and the cue ball is left in such a situation that the next player can not see both sides of the object ball, then taking a free ball or forcing the previous player to play again should be sufficient.


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