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A Typical Example of Truther Ignorance

March 8, 2010

Every now and then I like to have a look around conspiracy blogs to have a read at what is being said. Not to be convinced by what they say, as I have yet to come across a conspiracy that I find plausible, let alone believable.

Last week I found this particular posting which shows a video clip from 9/11 of the North Tower collapse. Not the full collapse, just a few seconds during the start of the collapse. The video repeats the same few seconds several times and tries to convince the view that elements of the video prove that the collapse can only be a result of demolition.

I left a comment on the posting explaining why the conclusions were wrong. I was polite, I did not insult, yet my posting never appeared. I guess I was a tad naive to expect my posting to appear, considering it was an opposing view. I guess it’s not in the mind-set of such people to accept counter arguments. So I decided I would post my counter suggestion on my own blog, so here goes.

The video open with the statement that science begins with observation, something I wholeheartedly agree with. I would also point out though, that the observer should be impartial and not have a pre-set opinion on how you want to interpret the results. Okay, granted, that accusation could equally be applied to me, since I accept that the towers were brought down by the plane impacts alone.

Claim 1: Some of the buildings debris was jettisoned at 100 miles per hour. No proof is given of this, just a big arrow pointing to sample debris that’s falling. Now the speed could probably be calculated by examination of the video, yet neither the narrator nor the poster offer proof of that calculation and since I have not performed any such analysis either so I can’t conclusively deny the fact, but I can offer this: free fall acceleration of about 9.8m per second per second means 100 mph can be achieved in about 10 seconds. Not fast enough to be reached in the clip shown if they fell in free fall granted, but when you consider that whether by the force of falling floors or by dynamite explosion, the ejecta would gave have some help getting accelerated.

Claim 2: The squibs seen exiting the building below the level of falling debris keep up with the collapse. Now if you go and watch examples of buildings that are demolished through controlled demolition you will see that there is one consistency, the explosions start and finish before the collapse, there is no such thing as ‘keeping up with the collapse’. There would be far too much risk of the sequence being compromised due to debris breaking the demolition cord. For examples; see here, here and here. A far more reasonable explanation of the squibs is the top section of the building, the part above the plane impact, falling into the building and pushing the floors below out of the way as it fell. This huge volume of material would have acted as a pile-driver pushing the building down below it and leaving just the external steel frame, which then falls outwards since there is now nothing holding it in place.

Claim 3: The falling concrete debris is already pulverised, there are no large chunks of concrete, but there are large steel girders. I am not sure what the narrator is trying to imply with this claim as it’s not explicitly stated, but take a look at any controlled demolition of a building and you will not see this effect. Check the videos I linked to above, or any others. Buildings collapsed through controlled demolition are not pulverised by the explosions prior to the collapse. Prehaps the pulverisation is from several thousand tonnes of pile driving concrete? The narrator tries to deny this point by stating that the debris is falling out in all directions and not from single points. The narrator is forgetting that the pile driver is the top of the building and so has a huge volume, a volume that fills the area that is collapsing, hence the only result can be massive amounts of material being pushed outwards in all directions.

Claim 4: There is no pile driver visible above the ring of falling debris. I actually had to laugh at this one. The first thing to note is that the clip helpfully excludes the few seconds before hand, when the top of the building can be seen disappearing into the debris cloud. What you can see in the first second of the clip is the top of this pile driver disappearing from view. The pile driver is inside the building pushing the floors down, leaving the steel frame to stand for a little while longer, before it too succumbs and is pushed outwards. The reason the pile driver can’t be seen is because it’s obscured by the huge debris cloud. When it falls into the building at the start of the collapse, it is not immediately destroyed, but falls apart with the building as it pushes it down below it.


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