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What was that guy thinking?

December 5, 2008

The other day I saw an act of stupidity which I still struggle to comprehend.

It was on my morning commute on the motorway, traffic was slightly more congested than is normal so I expected to see some sort of incident up ahead.

When I got to the cause of the congestion, it was a single vehicle stopped on the central reservation, hazards flashing. Due to the size of the central reservation at that point, a third of the car was still in lane three, causing traffic in that land to edge over the boundry line for lane two in order to get past.

The reason for the car to be there? Well the driver was standing behind the car heaving his guts out onto the grass.

Whatever the reasons for the sudden stop and hurl, there is lots that is wrong with this situation. The most obvious that if he was in such a poor state of health, weather self inflicted the night before or he had caught a virus, he should not have been driving. If he had to drive he should have been more careful in his planning and stayed in lane one so he could drive at a more sedate pace and be prepared for any emergency action.

The needless disruption of traffic in what should be the fastest moving lane of the motorway was what annoyed, and probably hundreds of others. Standing behind his car was also very stupid because if his car was to be hit by an approaching vehicle, he would have been placed perfectly to receive the maximum possible damage to himself.

Just for a moment I am going to assume that he had no prior warning of his impending predicament. He must have had some warning in order to stop and get out of his car. Assuming that he didn’t have time to get accross two lanes of traffic and onto the hard shoulder before the resulting splurge would have created an unpleasant valeting job, surely that would still be preferable to the carnage that he risked by stopping on the central reservation.

So, what was he thinking when he stopped? I don’t think he was thinking at all.

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