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The much anticipated XBOX live dashboard update is here

November 19, 2008

Several people I know have been quite excited about the new XBOX live dashboard and have been eagerly looking forward to today, when they can finally download and play with their own new XBOX avatar, among other things.

Here in the UK we won’t be getting the movie streaming that the US will get, personally I am not fussed about that, but I am sure there is no shortage of people who are very keen to see it launched in Europe.

The download and update this evening went very smoothly, so long as I ignore the system error and single red light my XBOX gave me when I turned it on. Due to holiday and various commitments, it had been about 3 weeks since it was last turned on.

My first impressions of the new dashboard are possitive, its funky and clear, though at first glance there does seem to be a lot more items to choose from, compared to the previous dashboard. I am sure this is just a result of the reorganising that Microsoft done and that the one I use most will be easier and quicker to get to.

The new avatars are well designed and while I am sure they will be compared to Nintendos Miis, I think they are more grown up.


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