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Diego Safari Rescue

October 5, 2008

Having bought a Nintendo Wii a few months ago, it was inevitable that sooner or later I would be buying games for my 4 year old daughter. I have no idea why it was this Diego game that my wife chose, but the fact that the Diego and Dora TV series is very popular with our young offspring, was probably a significant factor. The price was about £20 would have put me off, as I like to buy games after their initial popularity was waned somewhat and so tend to be a bit cheaper.

That said, we have certainly had our moneys worth from the purchase. We have both spent some time ‘playing’ the game with our daughter and she has spent time on her own, simply enjoying playing the game. Such is the simplicity of the game that a 4 year old can very quickly get the hang of it. Yet it is not so monotonous that she is bored of it. She will simply loves playing it and will repeat sections of the game just for the shear pleasure of playing the game.

Its a sad indictment of my ‘grown up’ attitude to games that I detest replaying games that I own and once completed, or more accurately, one they get too hard, they tend to be discarded to the dusty back shelf while another new and exiting game takes my fancy.

Diego will be familiar with many parents of young children and is a safe programme for all kids to watch and includes some educational aspects as well. Safari Rescue builds on that and has very simple game play and gradually eases in more complicated moves as the game progresses. There are also sections that make use of the WiiRemotes motion sensors, such as pumping up a balloon or doing a swimming action. Even a four year old can work out that you can still do these actions from the comfort of the sofa, but at least the game play is not restricted to pushing buttons.

Movement of Diego on the screen is done by tilting the WiiRemote, the only button pushing required is to do an action, such as jump. The menus are navigated in the same way. This is a good implementation, as it makes the whole experience much easier for a young child.

So pleased am I with this Diego game, that I am certain that I’ll be purchasing more Diego titles and will very likely purchase Dora ones as well.


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