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It looks like Steve Fossett has at last been found

October 3, 2008

While it is indeed a sad story and no doubt the last 12 months and more have been a terrible time to the Fossett family, its great news that at last the mystery can start to be solved.

In the last year I have read musings that his death was faked and even that he found his way into another dimension. I am glad that both theories will now be seen to be false, but the fact that people had the poor sense and bad taste to make the statements I found disturbing at the time and it only goes to further deepen my contempt of all things conspiracy. It would be great if those responsible for the comments would retract them, but somehow I doubt that will happen.

In fact I expect someone to come up with further reasons why there is a conspiracy, someone if bound to mention the small amount of tissue found so far, of the fact the found items are conveniently his IDs and were a distance from the plane. Of course I hope I am wrong, but experience of the low intelligence that occupies parts of the web expects the worst.

That doom and gloom aside, I hope the end of this missery for the Fossett family is soon over and they can soon live without the glare of media interest.


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