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Samsung R700

September 11, 2008

My wife has had her new Samsung R700 laptop for a couple of weeks now, so I thought now was a good time to give a detailed review of it. We have already had to deal with poor quality Dells before so Dell was out of the running, my preference would have been to have a Lenovo as I have had very good ones for my work, but for personal use they are just too costly for our home budget, which is a shame.

We chose the Samsung over many of it rivals because it was given a good review on CNET. We wanted a high power laptop and a decent keyboard was very high on our priorities. The R700 offers a full size keyboard and a separate numeric keypad, so barring a poor review, the Samsung was effectively top of our list of laptop choices.

This laptop is our second R700 because the first one suffered from a dead screen the first day we got it, see here. Having already refunded us for a failed Sony Viao, DABS continued to provide good customer support by shipping us a replacement Samsung. We did have to wait about three weeks for the replacement and communication was lacking a little. But at no point did Dabs fob us off or fail to deliver on a promise, which means they will continue to get my business and recommendations.

So, now that we have it, how is the Samsung to use? I’ll do the negatives first as it is by far the shortest list.


When sitting on the sofa (as I am currently typing this) the balance of the laptop is wrong. There is far too much weight at the back of the laptop, meaning that the front edge lifts off your lap, leaving a gap of about half an inch or more. This makes a large typing effort (such as this blog post) less comfortable as it should be due to the wobble of the laptop as the typing pressure causes a see-saw affect. Lifting my knees up to counter this is only a temporary releif because its not long before the laptop starts to slide down my lap and I have to adjust the position every few sentences.

This is by far the biggest frustration but since we more often use the laptop sitting at a table its not something that effects us every time we use it.

The home/end/pgup/pgdn keys are part of the numpad and not separate as on a desktop keyboard, this means much use is made of the Num Lock key if you like to use the keypad for numeric entry.

Other issues with the laptop are minor niggles; the black gloss finish marks easily, there is no physical switch to turn the wireless on and off, something that has been very useful on laptops that have one.


The keyboard is great, the full size keys make it as easy to type on as a normal keyboard and the feed back is good.

The screen is bright and sharp, making everything clear and easy to read. Glare from the sun is only a problem in the brightest of sunshine, which means we can use it in the conservatory.

The R700 comes with a good array of connections, including 4 USB ports. However, we have not had need for any of them since the printer, scanner, external storage, iPod etc are all connected to my desktop upstairs.

There is also an HDMI port should we want to connect it to our HD TV (also a Samsung), though to be honest, I really don’t see that need arising, unless a digital camcorder makes its way into the house.

One thing that has caused frustration in the house before is wireless, we use a wireless TV sender so that we can watch TV in the bedroom upstairs without having to fork out the extra cost of Sky Multiroom. This has on occasion caused wireless laptops to fail to connect to the wireless box upstairs. The solution is simple, switch of the wireless sender, usually this results in someone coming back downstairs when we realise we’ve forgotten to switch it back on again. It is helpful that this does not seem to affect the Samsung, the wireless connectivity is excellent.


A solidly built and well specced laptop that I have no hesitation is recommending.


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