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Sometimes Technology Just Lets Us Down

August 20, 2008

Sometimes technology simply, and for no obvious reason, lets us down and we feel lost without it.

This week was my turn to experience the frustration, and even anger, and being inconvenienced by technology. First it was my wife’s Sony Viao. Just inside its 12 month warranty we noticed the screen would fade to black and back to normal again. For a while there was no discernible pattern, until I noticed it was related to the angle of the screen. A little manipulation of the screen angle usually brought the picture back. On a laptop within warranty, this is obviously not acceptable, so it was returned to our reseller, Within a week Dabs had refunded the full cost of the laptop (nice customer service Dabs), but it would have been nice to have had a slightly more personal email explaining the refund and why as well as the formal refund notice we received.

With refund in pocket, it was time to go hunting for a replacement. We looked at several and eventually plumped for the Samsung R700, after gave it a particularly good review. We decided on the older R700 over the newer R710 because there was a wait for the R710 and no one was giving the full spec of the delivery machine, even though they had a price for it. Not knowing the exact spec we were going to be paying for is a good reason not to buy. So order placed with Dabs on a Friday evening the an excited wife received her new toy on Monday. Initial opinion of the machine is on a par with the CNET review. It feels sturdy and the keyboard is nice to use, the screen clear and easy to read. Its when I settle down with it for a couple of hours of setting up for our home network and the software that Mrs Limey requires that things start to go wrong. The first sign is on a post install reboot, the laptop appears to boot okay with all the right noises being made, but the screen remains blank throughout, only to be resolved by a hard power-off and back on again. Not good, but hopefully a one-off, I hope. The next post install reboot repeats the process. Now I am concerned. The next gives me reason to be very frustrated, this time the screen is covered with a series of vertical lines of varying colours and subsequent reboots don’t change the situation. This laptop is not .

Having been without a laptop for a few weeks, the wife is starting to get a little jittery about access to her emails and facebook profile, the thought of a couple more weeks is almost too much to bear. How did we get so technology dependent?

To Dabs’ credit, collection is quickly arranged and we are hoping the replacement will be okay. Since there was no second choice to the Samsung R700 we have chosen to have the faulty one replaced with the same model in a hope the faulty laptop was a one-off. We shall have to see.

To add to the evenings frustration Mrs Limey also noticed that our Richo R6 digital compact camera had two faulty buttons on it. The camera had only been back with us for a few weeks, after being repaired for a faulty screen display and previously we had sent the camera back for a issue which came up just after we bought it. So this is the 3rd time the Richo has failed on us.

Despite being very unsuperstitious, in fact I’d describe myself as anti-superstitious, I must admit I am wondering what the 3rd technology failure is going to be.


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