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So I had my first Flickr Favourite This Week

August 6, 2008

Now I am sure that everyone secretly wants all their photos to be popular and for praise to be heaped on them. But surely its better to receive praise that you consider yourself worthy of getting.

Photo of my daughter blowing a large bubble
I’ll huff and I’ll puff
Originally uploaded by vteclimey

Take this photo as an example. Its of my daughter having a go at blowing the biggest bubble she can manage. The subject of the photo has pretty much come out as I intended, namely the circle of the bubble wand encircling her face.

While this is what I hoped for, the fact I got it is more accident than design. I was holding the wand in my left hand and the camera in my right, at hip level. So with no way of seeing the viewfinder I simply zoomed out and took about a dozen photos over a 5 minute period. The result was two images with her face within the circle, this one and the next one in the sequence, where the bubble has popped and she is squinting from the spray.

Now, while the moment captured is certainly lovely and I am sure I will look back at it in the future and have a chuckle. Photographically I am very disappointed in it. The need to zoom out to be more certain of capturing the the intended subject has included lots of distractions and the washing line growing out of her shoulder is a catastrophic failure when wanting to take any half decent photo of my kid in the garden. When you add in that the camera wasn’t even level (okay I can crop to fix that) the photo really does not stand out as anything special.

Yet, after all that, it is still the first of the photos that I have uploaded to Flickr that has received a favourite and the first of my photos that has been commented on by someone who I do not already know.

For me, this photo essentially proves the point that was made in a photography podcast I listened too last month. Which was, ‘It is better to take a great photo of something average than to take an average photo of something great’. Now being my daughter, there can be no greater subject that I could take a photo of, but have I actually done her any justice but taking such an average photo of her?

This leaves me in a quandary, what do I do now. You see the reason why I uploaded the photo in the first place was because a bunch of people I know all run a friendly monthly photo competition and out entries are judged and critiqued by last months winner. So I uploaded it more to fill my quota of 3 images than anything else, and because, well I liked the subject and wanted to see if the photo really was as average as I thought it was. Now that last months competition is over I would have deleted this photo, but suddenly I am left wondering, what is the etiquette for deleting a photo with a positive comment on? Is it an insult to the two who felt prompted to compliment it to delete it?


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